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5+ eBooks Story Atlantis Islands’ Four Seasons Gardens Story is a promotional, science fiction story.
6+ From the time of the Big Bang, around 14 billion years ago, the hottest and coldest 
7+ Four Seasons Gardening Story and History 
8+ Information Story and History of Smart eBooks Reading 
9+ Learning Languages The Best 100 Reasons, Benefits, of Learning Languages \
10+ The 100 SMART Best Memorization Techniques, Information,

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The Website, Short, Long, and Dream Goals

Promotion, Creative Writing, Website Development, and Guide for:
1+ The 100 Best Smart eBooks Reading information, techniques, courses, schools, books, tapes, videos, games, apps, products, and services, plus lots of promotional content that is free for all visitors
(especially students, members, and fans of Four Seasons Gardens Story). 
2+ The Best speed-reading and comprehension for the global English language (go from 100 words per minute up to 1,234 words per minute). 
3+ The Best memorization techniques (go from memorizing 1 to 100 words up to 10,000 words or ideally 100,000 words). 
4+ The Best listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises for the global English language (or any national languages with official education systems).

The Website, Short, Long, and Dream Goals

Promotion, Creative Writing, Website Development, and Guide for:
The 100 Best Smart eBooks Reading information, techniques, courses, schools, books, tapes, videos, games, apps, products, and services, plus lots of promotional content that is free for all visitors
(especially students, members, and fans of Four Seasons Gardening). 

Using Smart eBooks’ reading and speed-reading techniques, help to increase reading skills, memorization, comprehension, and use of words four-fold or 1+2+3+4 times. Also, it helps to increase reading speed from 100 words per minute, The average reading speed is between 200 and 300 words per minute. all the way up to 1,000 words per minute

These are some of the Best 100 Smart eBooks Reading information chosen ones:
1) The Smartphone is chosen as the best tool, most useful, well-known, valuable, and globally available tool. 
2) The As You Like It is chosen as the best eBook, for smart reading, speed-reading, learning, memorizing of 10,000 the most used words in global English languages. It is the adaptation of the world’s most-read Shakespeare book, the First Folio his comedic play As You Like It
3) The Rosalind is chosen as the best person, from Shakespeare’s comedic play As You Like It. 
4) The Red Rose is chosen as the best flower, as the most natural, well-known, valuable, and globally four seasons available flower. Additional topics covered include roses, flowers, greens, vegetables, Four Seasons Gardens Story, the four elements, and food. 


Atlantis Islands’ Four Seasons Gardens Story is a promotional, science fiction story. 

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Global Four Seasons Gardens Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. 
There are many dream islands here that are hundreds of kilometers long and hundreds of kilometers wide. 
Spring gardens are on the eastern side, summer gardens are in the south, fall gardens are in the west, and winter gardens are on the northern side. 

Our tour allows you to visit, shop, meet, ask, and try the 100 best shows, exhibitions, markets, meeting places, professional experts, new ideas, information, products, and services for Four Seasons Gardening.? 

We are happy to answer your questions. I’m John Detak, your librarian and exhibition tour guide for this visit. And this is my assistant, Bill, our office manager, Linda, as well as our Robot, Comycom2030. 

If your goal is to find the 100 best questions and answers about Four Seasons Gardening,? you’ve come to the right place. 

In addition to our list of the 100 best schedules to follow before going to the gardens, we have an information desk that allows us to harmonize and connect everyone’s smartphone with our central computer. 

This information desk provides a better understanding of Four Seasons Gardening, as well as the goals, words, numbers, signs, symbols, and messages behind the story. 

Now, to get more familiar, we will start with a question-and-answer session. ? You can simply answer by yes or no to each question, or can show your level of agreement with a specific percentage between 1% and 100%. 

++++++++++++++ Story continues with +++++++++++++ 

Today, we continue with our tour by visiting 

Yes, we are going to smart city’s Smart eBooks exhibition, reading globe library, information library, and many more spots, where we will explore best100plus+global reading, smart building, smart tools, and smart gadgets, as well as meet some smart readers. 


The eBooks Show 

For this show and exhibition, there are 17 curious visitors: a family of four, a few seniors, two reporters, and several others. Every visitor is interested in nature, gardening, books, and reading, plus some are friends of the library. 

Today, we came to the eBooks Showcase at the Books Exhibition. Before we visit different sections, let’s take a seat to hear and see the eBooks history, which is starting now. 

Bill helps everyone to their seats and the speaker begins. 

“Thanks to everyone for coming. We are starting with…” 


To be continued…. 

Page Break 



From the time of the Big Bang, around 14 billion years ago, the hottest and coldest temperature ranged from around absolute zero (-273.15° Celsius or −459.67° Fahrenheit or 0° Kelvin) to 10*32° degrees Celsius (the hottest temperature in the universe). In addition, the lifespan of atoms ranges from 0 to roughly 10*32 years long. 

Living creatures were created or began to live, grow, reproduce, and evolve in temperatures ranging between -100° and +100° Celsius or, more precisely, between -50° and 50° Celsius on Earth. 

For the Four Seasons Gardens projects, we choose the lucky numbers 4 and 40, as -40° to 40° Celsius is the range of temperatures in which over 90% of humans and living creatures on Earth exist in (both in the water and on land). 

From the beginning of life, around four billion years ago in the waters of the ocean and around 400 million years ago on land, the temperatures of earth have ranged from roughly -40° to 40° Celsius. 

There are four major climate zones: tropical, temperate, polar, and man-made urban cities. These climate zones differ in both temperature and precipitation. Tropical climates are usually warm and wet most of the year. Temperate climates cycle through all four seasons—winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Polar climates are usually cold and dry most of the year. Antarctica is in a polar climate zone. Most of the areas where humans live are located in temperate climate zones. 

The favorite temperature of most of the vegetation, insects, birds, mammals, and primates (especially humans) ranges between+0 to+10 to +20 to + 30 and 40° Celsius. 


  1. First Writing 

Four Seasons Gardening Story and History 

For millions of years, animals in nature were only able to find and eat an abundance of food for one or two seasons. For the remaining seasons, food could only be found little by little and the animals that managed to survive were the lucky ones. 

Around 10,000 years ago, humans started the practices of agriculture, gardening, farming, and domestication, which allowed them to save food for more seasons and even for the entire year. 

In recent years, there are billions (about 4 billion with their families included) of people working in agriculture to produce food for themselves, all of humanity, and even some animals. 

There are around 2 billion people who make more than 90% of their own foods, 

around 2 billion people who make more than 50% of their own foods,  

around 2 billion people who make more than 25% of their own foods, 

and around 2 billion people who make 0% to 10% of their own foods to eat and save for the rest of the year.  

By the year 2050, most people (around 60% to 70% of 9 or 10 billion) are going to live in or around the city and produce less and less food for themselves and others. At the same time, health experts and nutritionists recommend eating more fresh natural foods, especially fruits and vegetables, all year around (even in the fall and winter). 

As the humans from a few thousand years ago discovered, especially those from a few hundred years ago, one of the best solutions is to garden and farm for as many seasons as possible.  

Smart humans in the first and second decades of the 21st century (from 2000 to 2010 and 2020) became more serious about making 2 seasons, 3 seasons, and 4 seasons of gardening possible around the world. Every year, more people are becoming informed, interested, involved in, invested in, and supportive of four seasons produce, which allows them to pre-order and happily eat fruits and vegetables with satisfaction even in the winter. 


2) Second Writing 


Information Story and History of Smart eBooks Reading 

All animals are always watching for, listening for, and seeking natural information to find their own water, food, safety, family, habitat, and other necessities.  

Humanity, including homosapiens (the wise man), sought the same natural information. However, for the last 10,000 years, humans also wanted to learn about manmade artificial information via sounds and speech mostly in the form of short and long stories all in the length of a few books (just around 100,000 words). 

In the last 4,000 years, humanity invented and created writing systems and learned how to read. Starting 500 years ago, we began to print words and humanity’s collective information became more widely available (more than 100,000 books). 

By transitioning from the agricultural age to the industrial age by means of the invention of printing, the collected information of past and present writing increased once again to more than 100 million books plus lots of letters, newspapers, magazines, documents, etc. 

Thanks to the invention of typing, computers, the internet, and storing information digitally, starting 70 years ago, humanity’s collective information has exceeded the equivalents of 100 billion books information and are doubling each year. 

From hunting and gathering foods to finding and collecting information, humanity now has access to billions of information in all forms of data. Avoiding getting lost and confused or losing time and money is becoming incredibly difficult. 

In our current information age, 

Information-based society, 

Information-based economy, 

And information-based education system, 

the right information is the best and most valuable thing to have, 

while not knowing, or being ignorant, wrong, or confused by mixed information, is the worst and most costly situation to be in. 

Starting in the year 2000, some intelligent people began to create smartphones (or smart tablets, laptops, desktops, and supercomputers) to manage information in a cleverer and organize way. Now anybody can use smartphones to make and receive calls, emails, and SMS messages, (read eBooks, websites, and news), listen to music and other forms of audio, search for and find the answer to any question, view maps, and directions, watch videos and sports games, write, type, record, take pictures, film, videos, engage with multimedia and interactive social networks, check weather forecasts, buy, sell, make financial transactions, and start businesses, learn,  use millions of apps with many functions, and much more! 

For most people, the smartphone has become the first single most impotent useful gadget to have and use them all the time. 

In 2020, there are currently four billion smartphones in use. Over the next five years, this number is going to increase to more than six billion. In addition, every five years, the current devices have to be upgraded to brand new smartphones. 

Also, by making repeat upgrades or updates, the functioning and benefits of these devices increases massively, as smartphones become a million times faster and more useful. 

The next big development in the information industry is to connect smartphones and smart gadgets and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage abundant information and digital activity through supercomputers. 

Being able to find the right information at the right time, right place, and in the right situation is one of the greatest benefits of living in the information age. 

Setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) is recommended for all aspects of one’s life as well as finding, collecting, organizing, planning and using information. 

Smart eBooks Reading techniques help everyone to make reading and learning of first priority information and achieve life goals more possible. This includes finding the right books, eBooks, magazines, documents, and information, and then focusing full attention to achieve top priorities goals in any situation. 

Pak Organization and Company (startup) was created with the vision and mission to carefully collect and promote globlly:

The 100 Best Smart eBooks Reading Techniques, Information, eBooks, Books, Products, and Services, Plus Lots of Promotional Content,  Free for All Visitors 



Learning Languages 

The Best 100 Reasons, Benefits, Pleasures, Privileges, and Advantages of Learning Languages by Listening, Reading, Watching, Playing, Writing, and Speaking 

Language is a structured system of communication. Estimates of the number of human languages that have been created in our history range between 15,000 to 20,000, while the number of languages that remain in use vary between 5,000 and 7,000. 

Language or Linguistics is a system usually made up of spoken sounds or conventional symbols, using a system of arbitrary  signals, such as voices, sounds, gestures, written symbols, words, and systems  that are commonly understood by people from the same community, nation, geographical area, or cultural tradition. 
This includes using similar alphabets, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, letters, articles, newspapers, magazines, books, grammar, styles, linguistics, literature, pronunciation, readingspeechspelling, writingtongues, speech, vocabulary, dialects, idioms, and patterns.  

Language has abundant uses and benefits, such as revealing information to express and exchange thoughts, opinions, ideas, feelings, emotions, visions, missions, passions, compassion, confessions, conversations, discussions, decisions, expressions, impressions, predications, and more, as well as to negotiate, argue, or come to an agreement as the result of a discussion or diplomacy. One can speak in favor of something or promote a comment, which is necessary for business. Language allows us to join together, meet, see, shake hands, pray, talk, come to an agreement, find common goals, and much more. 

5) Fifth Writing 

The 100 SMART Best Memorization Techniques, Information, Courses, eBooks, Books, Productsand Services (Plus Lots of Promotional Contents) is Free for All Visitors 

1) By Smart Memorization and Remembering abilities with SMART Goal Setting techniquesplanningschedulingprioritizing, and organizing the learning materials!  
2) By using repetitionassociationvisualization, and impression!  
3) By remembering to repeat and repeating to Remember, the material over and over mentally or by writing or reading them aloud. 
4) By learning to use memorization techniques like mnemonicsacronyms, chunking, mind mapping, flashcards, drawing, 
coloring, mental imagery, musical patterns, rhythms, sharing, teaching, asking lots of questions of yourself and others, reading aloud, acting in front of the mirror, rewarding yourself for successfully remembering, making jokes, creating short and long stories, etc. 
5) By having better attention, focus, concentration, contemplation, interest in the talking, reading, writing, seeing, (Seeing is Believing), (Hearing and Attentively Listening to Sounds, Words, and Talks) touching, smelling, tasting, feeling, emotionalizing, acting, understanding, comprehending, thinking, visualizing, reviewing, and taking responsibility for memorizing to remembering them again and again.

6) By eating natural healthy foods (walnuts, flax seeds, seafood, sea salts, kale, carrots, beets, honey, blueberries, (Using Favorite Perfume and Fragrances) Greens plus Vegetables, Drinking more Water, having Healthy, longevity and Centenarian LifeStyle.
7) By having adequate rest, sleep, relaxation, meditating, keeping a positive attitude, repeating affirmations, praying, chanting, walking in nature (very important), getting physical and mental exercise, playing games, smiling, laughing, and having more fun. 
8) By eLearning, online study, self-study, writing, taking notes (on papers or digitally), recording tapes and videos, taking more pictures, or storing reminders of memories forever via electronic digital computerized memory, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, supercomputers, or artificial intelligence

9) By saying no, no to stress, worry, anxiety, sleepiness, restlessness, fear, rush, push, hatred, violence, and dehydration. Avoiding unnatural foods or drinks, such as coffee, alcohol, white grain flour, sugars, and salts. these actions will help to avoid misremembering, being unable to recall, forgetting, allowing memories to decay or fade away, losing mind, fatigue, foggy mind, confusion, an overload of useless information, amnesia, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. 
10) By on-going 80 to 100 years of lifelong learning and improvement of one’s first languages (or other languages) always be sure to write and keep notes (on paper or digitally) Writing down any new words, so that can be remembered to read again and keep them forever. 
Maintaining the love, desire, and will to continue education, studies, and lifelong learning of the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons”, while keeping the mind and memory fit, strong, and ready for new challenges with a positive attitude. Remaining intellectually sharp and informed on life in this information age by using the best memorization techniques to keep up with information technology, information-based economy, and information-based society. 

Memorization is the process of committing something to  memory. The mental process is undertaken in order to store in memory for later recall items such as experiences, names, appointments, addresses, telephone numbers, financial transactions, lists, stories, poems, thoughts, ideas, dreams, pictures, maps, diagrams, facts, music, and other visual, auditory, or tactical information. 
Memory is the brain’s power to recall past experiences and information. In this faculty of the mind, information is (1) received, (2) encoded, (3) stored, and (4) retrieved/recalled/remembered to use for any purposes. In the broadest sense, there are three types of memory: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. 
Writing Memory, Written in Stone Memory, Written in Wood Memory, Written on Dirt Tablets Memory, Written on Paper Memory, Written on Painting Memory, Written on Fabrics Memory, Artistic Memory, IntelligenceKnowledge, “Knowledge is Power” memory. World Memory Championship 2019 

By using supplements to help to keep the brain healthy and vibrant and improving memory to remember naturally more and easy are becoming increasingly popular everywhere.
Also, for open-minded people, the total recall pills and digital memory implants or Brain connection to the internet coming soon to the market in the next few decades or for sure for the next few centuries.

“Teach a man to learn something, you teach him one thing for a lifetime.Teach a man how to Learn, you teach him how to learn, memorize, and remember everything for a lifetime.” 



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Globally, around 4 billion people (including their families) live and work as farmers or gardeners and help grow food for everyone. In addition, there are roughly 4 billion people living in or around cities. Around 2 billion people (or 50%) from each group will hopefully become interested in 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 Seasons Gardening’s project. 

For to know, to join, to learn, and do more season gardening plus to be interested in environmental care (water care, energy care, air care, and soil care). and in 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 seasons gardening projects for more food production for around 7.8 billion humans.

These are some of the 100 best Four Seasons Gardening goals for the world’s 4 billion Four Seasons Gardeners. 

To know and learn the 4 Seasons Gardening process requires lots of reading and learning, which means finding the right resources in our current information age. 

To make this process as fast and easy as possible, has found and collected the best 100 smart eBooks reading, learning information, products, and services at: 

The Website, Short, Long, and Dream Goals going to be added here.

1+ The Smartphone has been chosen as the best tool 

2+ As You Like It has been chosen as the best eBook 

3+ Rosalind has been chosen as the best story character 

4+ The Red Rose has been chosen as the best flower 

For the science fiction story, the scientific (real world) goals are to find and collect the 100 best memorization and remembering techniques or systems in global history. 

Everyone can update, find, and choose one, or a few, of these techniques that work best for them to achieve lifelong memorization and remember things for over 100 years. These techniques may help to boost memorization abilities from a few percentages to a few hundred percentage points improvement. 

Also, ideally in fictional stories, try to look, find, discover, invent, create, invest, and set goals to make and find techniques, systems, and methods that increase the permanence of memories. To increase the ability to memorize information from 1 word to 10, to 100, to 1,000, to 10,000, to over 100,000 like writing on paper or digitally forever. This process will continue with total recall pills, digital memory implants, and the ability to connect the brain to the internet, which is undoubtedly coming to the market in the next few decades or centuries. These future technologies will help humans to have permanent, abundant, and multifunctional memory. 

Most humans (90%-99%) were illiterate until around 1700. At that time, people were living 20 to 40 years of their lives in nature or on a farm. The first 20 years of their lives were spent as kids/teens, then the next 20 years were spent as adults, in which they worked, got married, had kids, pray and went to heaven. Back then, life was so short and people did not have time for planning, setting goals, and lifelong learning. 

Now, in the 21st-century, people can live to 80, 100, or 120 years (possibly even 150 years or more). From an early age (from 20 to 50 years old), most people hopefully, can say in my next 100 years, or for my next 100 years and think about, set goals for, plan for, and schedule their next 100 years of life and try to live as best as they possibly can. 

Also, the 20th-century generation is made up of around 2000 million or 2 billion seniors happily living at age of 60, 70, 80, and 100-years-old (they say 75 is new 50). The 21st-century generation by around the year 2100 going to find themself living with 2000 million or 2 billion centenarians hopeful to make their second 100s of life, from 100 to 200 years living better and longer.  

Learning and using language is necessary for thinking internally and talking to oneself, as well as for speaking externally with some of the eight-billion-person global population. We use languages throughout every second, minute, hour, and day of our lives. 

Until around the year 1800, each individual would usually meet with a few people a day and use a few 100 words to communicates and say goodbye. 

Today, in 2021, everybody uses language hundreds of times better and more than in the past. All people use language to find information to read or listen to from hundreds of billions of sources, as well as for talking, giving speeches, engaging in phone conversations, sending emails, texting, creating social networks, video conferencing, writing notes, setting goals, making plans, scheduling, learning, going to school, teaching, having business conversations, buying, selling, meeting lots of people every day, etc. The list of daily and weekly reading and other forms of use of language is far longer. 

It is already started and growing very fast, is human communication with machines like computers, supercomputers, and robots. While it takes humans around 10 years to learn a single language, computers can learn to speak, write, and use all languages at all levels in just 10 seconds, also humans usually make mistakes and computer never make the mistake, and humans must remain the best and the winner of conversation with machines. These will be the greatest challenge and stories of the future.

So, to facilitate to make easier and clear for everyone especially for the reading and books lovers plus Global Four Seasons Gardening student and users, here are some solutions: 

Promotion, Creative Writing, Website Development, and Guide for: 

The 100 Best Smart eBooks for reading information, techniques, courses, schools, books, tapes, videos, games, apps, products, and services, plus lots of promotional content that is free for all visitors (especially students, members, and fans of Four Seasons Gardening). 

1+ The Smartphone has been chosen as the best tool 

2+ As You Like It has been chosen as the best eBook 

3+ Rosalind has been chosen as the best story character 

4+ The Red Rose has been chosen as the best flower 


According to BBC and many other educational sources, the following word counts represent the levels of language skills: 

1+ 1 Word, 2 Words, 3 Words, 4 Words 

2+ 4 Words = Phrases or short sentences 

3+ 10 Words = Sentences: Most people know 10 to 100+ English words plus their first language 

4+ 100 Words = Paragraph: Most people know 10 to 100+ English words plus their first language 

5+ 400 Words = 2 short pages or 1 long page: Ability for starting basic, everyday conversationsintroductions, and travel 

6+ 1,000 Words = 1 very long page or 4 to ten short pages: 80% of the most frequently used words in a given language 

7+ 1,500 Words = Globish is one the best English courses and claims that are good enough for global language users 

8+ 2,020 Words = New idea recommended to UNESCO to make a Universal Language for everyone each year 

9+ 4,000 Words = New idea for Global Four Seasons Gardeners for Living, Learning, Working, and Socializing globally 

10+ 10,000 Words = A near-native level of vocabulary, to talk about any topic and recognize enough words in every conversation to understand be understood 

11+ 11,000 Words 

12+ 20,000 Words = 6th Grade Vocabulary 

13+ 30,000 Words 

14+ 40,000 Words = 12th Grade Vocabulary 

15+ 50,000 Words 

16+ 60,000 Words = Bachelor Level Vocabulary 

17+ 70,000 Words 

18+ 80,000 Words = Doctor or Ph.D. Level Vocabulary 

19+ 90,000 Words 

20+ 100,000 Words = Language Specialist or Language Genius (someone who is very smart or talented in the field of linguistics) 


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the Four Seasons Gardening tour. 

Okay first thing first and one at the time, The Best 100 Reasons and benefits of learning languages: 

One of the major differences between animals and humans is the ability to use complex language.  
One of the greatest talents of humans is the ability to learn and use languages. 
One of the first creations of humanity and one of the most highly developed human inventions is language. 
One of the first skills that humans learn from childhood is language. 
One of the first functions of official education systems is learning languages. 
One of the first things that help humans learn to learn, memorize, remember, and use the full capacity of the brain’s functionality is language. 
One of the first official human positions or titles is a student for the study of languages. 
One of the first official recognitions, certificates, or licenses that humans receive are for learning languages.  
One of the first and most powerful forms of encouragement, motivation, rewards, praise, and complements that humans receive throughout their entire lives are for listening, understanding, talking, reading, and writing in a specific language. 
One of the greatest talents of humanity is to understand and to be understood, as well as to be correct, respectful, happy, and joyful for communicating with other humans through the use of language. 
One of the first things that humans use to communicate, as babies, is language. one of the last things that humans use to communicate is the language found in a will. 
One of the highest signs of wisdom is language. Wisdom, as the greatest virtue of humanity, is highly related to one’s level and use of language. 
One skill that every human can learn is language, even children from the jungle can come to the city, go to university, get a Ph.D., and become a wise doctor (they may even receive a Ph.D. in language or literature). 
One of the first things that define us as humans (other than naturally living, eating, drinking, reproducing, and sleeping) is the fact that human can be intellectual, wise, smart, thoughtful, visionary, logical, willful, and able to make choices, set goals, and achieve, all of which are possible thanks to language. 
One of the first things that makes it possible for humans to know the time, as well as conceptualize the past, present, and future are languages. Without language, time becomes very limited, as it is for people living in the wild or in the jungle. 
One of the first things that makes humans capable of spiritually receiving, giving, realizing, and manifesting love, care, help, services, compassion, blessings, and grace is language. 
One of the first and most important gifts of the Holy Spirit in all religions is the ability to learn and use language to help everyone read holy words, listen, talk, and pray to God in the highest high. 
One of the first skills needed for goal setting, prioritization, and planning short-term and lifelong goals is language. 
One of the lifelong needs of humans is to learn and improve their language abilities, especially in the current information age, in which is information-based society utilizes information technology, such as computers. Languages are the key to asking questions and finding answers on these systems. 
One of the first skills to achieve higher income, profits, financial benefits, and fortunes is the use of languages. 
When people start to learn a new language, it is one of the greatest investments they can make towards better living, learning, reading, writing, listening, talking, working, thinking, learning, teaching, buying, selling, socializing, and communicating in or with a new culture. 

By choosing global English, everyone will hopefully have opportunities to achieve a better form of global living, reading, writing, listening, talking, thinking, learning, teaching, buying, selling, working, traveling, visualizing, socializing, and communicating in all English-speaking countries plus the global community as a global culture. 


Learning Global English Languages Goals 

The 100 Best Reasons, Benefits, Pleasures, Privileges, and Advantages of Learning Global English by Listening, Reading, Watching, Playing, Writing, and Speaking in Global English Successfully.  

Use goals, plans, and schedules to learn the Global English Language successfully! 

To be Listen in Global English Successfully! 

To be speak in Global English Successfully! 

To be Read in Global English Successfully! 

To be Write in Global English Successfully! 


Global English is the first language of advanced countries, such as: 

1+ Great Britain 

2+ United States of America 

3+ Canada 

4+ Australia 

5+ New Zealand 

6+ Ireland 

Global English is the native language of the people of Great Britain, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. These are some of the most advanced countries in the world, where more than 400 million English speakers have been living, learning, working, and socializing for hundreds of years. The number one law of these countries’ constitutions is Freedom of Speech (or the freedom to successfully speak English or any other language). The statue of freedom is seen as the highest symbol within these nations. This freedom extends to the individual, social, professional, financial, business, and market freedoms, which are protected by Constitutional laws and regulations, safety and securities, the Human Rights Committee, and the United Nations. 

English speaking nations have ~5% of the world’s population, but more than 50% of the top global: 

1+ Education Systems, thanks to world-class universal educational systems 

2+ Writing, including books, newspapers, and magazine publication 

3+ Technologies, including computers, the Internet, robots, AI, super computers, and software 

4+ Creations, Inventions, and Arts 

5+ Economies, Businesses, Factories, Fashions, and Buildings 

6+ Roads and Transportation Systems 

7+ Sports and Athletes, Health and Health Information, Wellness and Longevity Information 

8+ Healthcare Systems, which are filled with doctors, health experts, health-minded individuals, hospitals, and medications 

9+ Nature and Natural Activities, including water and green lands 

10+ Multicultural Communities with people of many faiths speaking more than 100 to 1,000 different languages. 

All the above achievements and more were made possible using the English Language as a tool for achieving unity, better living, and the highest prosperity. 


Future of Global English Languages 

The English Language is one of the 15,000 languages created throughout human history and one of the 7,000 languages remaining in the present time. English is a lucky survivor, as less than 20% of words come from English, while more than 80% of words come from all other languages. This is one of the biggest reasons to use the term Global English Language, as the language uses words that are mostly from other languages. 

From 2020 to 2045, the population of native English speakers will grow to 400 to 500 million people. 

Currently, for every one native English speaker, there are four or five Global English speakers, which will increase to six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and more as time passes. While there are currently 400 million native speakers in 2020 and around 400 million university-educated people living and working globally, this number will eventually increase to over one billion highly educated people with a very good level of understanding, listening, speaking, reading, writing, working, and comprehension of the English language. Those 400 million native English speakers will increase to one billion to 1.5 billion to (around 2 to 2.5) and, by 2030, to three billion and, by 2045, (on the 100th anniversary of the UN) and to four billion (or a majority of the world’s people) and to five or six billion people the maximum as the highest possibility (from total eight or nine or ten billion population) people living around the world in the year 2045. 

Also, in the majority of future forecasts, between the years 2045 and 2100, there is more than a 90% possibility that the English language will be the top language in the world, spoken by the most people globally. 


The Global English Language 

The most widely-spoken (and likely fastest-spreading) world language today is English, with over two billion native and second-language users worldwide. 

Global English Language. 

Global Second Language. 

Global United Nations Language. 

Global UNESCO Language: The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations aimed at promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in education, the sciences, and cultureWikipedia 

Global English is the Global Science Language. 

Global English Language is the Most Successful Language.  

Global English is a Global Educational and Lifelong Learning Language. 

Global English is a Global Cultural Language. 

Global English is the Best Global Finance and Economy Language. 

Global English is the Best Global Art and Entertainment Language. 

Global English is the Best Global Computer, Internet, Robots, AIs, and Software Language. 

Global English is a Global Travel and Hospitality Language. 

Global English is a Global Book, Newspaper, and Magazine Publication Language. 

English is a Global Radio and TV Language. 

English is a Global Movie and Theater Language. 

English is a Global Health and Wellness Language. 

English is a Global Healthcare, Health Professional, and Medication Language. 


➕ From Shakespeares to Shakespeare Global to Shakespeare: As You Like ➕ 

To be, or not to be? That is the question. 

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players! They have their entrances and remain Shakespeare Fans Forever! 

➕ All the world’s a stage. Enter to win and become one of 4 billion players. ➕ 

The 400th Anniversary of First Folio’s Publication is on 23 April 2023 also United Nations, Global Books, Copyright, and Shakespeare Day! 

Or for UN 2030 Human Developments with 17Goals 

Or for UN 100th Anniversary in the year 2045 with the Best of Human Rights Development and 100 Best Goals 

www.Shakespeare Book: First 

The 100 Best Shakespeare Works: First Folio, As You Like It! Global English Books, Plays, Sonnets, Poems, Stories, Histories, Comedies, Movies, Live Theater Shows, Tickets, Products, Services, Libraries, Flower and Rose Gardens, Actors, Actresses, Scholars, Experts, Teachers, Entertainments, Motivations, Educational Information, plus lots of Promotional Contents Free for all Visitors. Enjoy and Have Fun! 

All of Shakespeare’s works available in a new series: As You Like It!  

A new series of Shakespeare’s works (including books, sonnets, poems, and more) will be available to everyone globally in First Folio

As a startup company and organization with a few websites in general with a focus on the new series: First Folio: As You Like It! This comedic play and story has an uplifting mood. It is a love story that features many marriages and a happy ending. Also, most of the story locations are in nature, such as the forest, which is ideal for Four Seasons Gardening, and environment care information and promotion. The project is being redesigned and rewritten as a website and book with 10,000 of the most frequently used English words globally for listening, speaking, reading, and writing successfully. As You Like It! ➕  

For promoting the goals of:  

1+ Reading Smart eBooks 

2+ Speed Reading 

3+ Memorization 

4+ Global English Language for Four Seasons Gardeners 

Taking inspiration from the Encyclopedia Britannia Collection and their 100 Greatest Books of the Western World, plus the Speed-Reading package. The PGN Goals are similar, but are much smaller. They include: collecting Four Seasons Gardening, including the Four Elements Encyclopedias, and promote one of the Great Books of the Western World Shakespeare’s Book: First Folio, As You Like It! plus the Smart eBooks Reading Techniques Package and related information, stories, shows, exhibitions, events, products, and services. 

Our mission is to facilitate finding, learning, and using languages by making the process easier and clearer for everyone, especially book lovers and Four Seasons Gardeners. 

To facilitate to make easier and clear for everyone especially for the reading and book lovers and 4 seasons gardeners for finding, learning and using of languages better and faster: 


Shakespeare’s book First Folio has been nominated as the #1 Best and First Book in Human History and Culture as well as for:  
(UN 2030 Human Developments with 17Goals and UN 100th Anniversary in the year 2045 with the Best of Human Right Development and 100 Best Goals 

#1 Best and First Book (To be, or not to be? That is the question.) 
Rare Copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio Sells for Record $10M (Updated 14th October 2020) 

The First Folio book has abundant intellectual value and is financially worth an incredible amount. Each book is individually priced at more than $10,000,000. Collectively, all works contained in this book are worth over $10,000,000,000,000 (10 trillion dollars) collectively based on the cost, price, and market value of these works in the memories of people, publishing houses, book stores, newspapers, magazines, public and private libraries, museums, schools, universities, encyclopedias, organizations, companies, offices, homes, movie studios, theaters, radios, TVs, hands, pockets, computers, the internet, social media, smartphones, apps, CDs, DVDs, tapes, audio and video, movies, advertising, and marketing. 
So, to facilitate simple and clear learning and use of language for everyone, especially Four Seasons Gardeners, here are some solutions: 

(Other than Holy Books, religious, spiritual, educational, reference, or specialty books,) Shakespeare’s book has been chosen as one of the best sources to promote, motivate, entertain, and facilitate simple and clear learning and use of language for everyone, especially Four Seasons Gardeners, here are some solutions: 

Shakespeare’s book First Folio is the #1 First and Best Book in the fields of the Arts, Culture, Literature, Plays, Comedies, and Story Books in English and some other languages. 

1+ For anyone who knows this great book, this serves as a reminder and approval of its place in history. 

2+ For anyone who knows a little about this great book, this is an opportunity to learn more. 

3+ For anyone who is just learning about the first time or kids, this is information to find out, know about, and use the benefits of this great book in their life to learn, work, and social with people around the world, this is introduction to the #1 First and Best Book in the field of the Arts, Culture, Literature, Plays, Comedies, and Story Books in English and some other languages. 

Please show your agreement or disagreement with a percentage -%+ ? 
Shakespeare’s book First Folio is the #1 Best and First Book in the History of English Literature 
Shakespeare’s book First Folio is the #1 Best and First Book in the History of Global Literature 
Would you nominate any other book for the #1 Best and First Book in Human History and for 
UN 2030 Human Developments with 17Goals and UN 100th Anniversary in the year 2045 and Best 100 Goals  
as the #1 First and Best Book in the fields of the Arts, Culture, Literature, Plays, Comedies, and Story Books in English and some other languages. 
1+ Name of the title and writer of the Top Best and First Book in Human History 
2+ Name of the title and writer of the Top 10 Best and First Books in Human History 
3+ Name of the title and writer of the Top 100 Best and First Books in Human History 
4+ Name of the title and writer of the One of the Best Books that Everyone Needs to Read 

Shakespeare’s book First Folio contains most of his works in a single book with around 1,000 pages with 36 individual plays and stories. It has been published many times as a single compilation of plays and stories that have been, plus as each play and stories or parts published many, many times. Shakespeare also has158 sonnets, 4 or more poems, a few plays, and some other pieces of writing.
It is most translated, most read, printed, soled, played, 1500 movies, millions of live theaters show, [ It is translated to more than 150 languages and known by around 4 billion humans most of them Shakespeare works fan] 

First Folio is the most translated, most read, most printed, most sold, and most performed collection of stories ever. The works contained within have inspired 1,500 movies and millions of live theaters show. The works in First Folio have been translated into more than 150 languages and are known by around four billion humans (most of them fans of Shakespeare’s works). 


First Folio is a book by Shakespeare, the English language’s first, best, and most well-known poet and playwright, storyteller, historian, and comedian. 

First Folio was published in the year 1623 and 2023 will be the collection’s 400th year anniversary. 

#1 The Best and First Book in Human History 
#1 The Most Read Book 
#1 The Best Book for Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Acting 
#1 The Best Book for Communication 
#1 The Most Important Book in writing and poetry
#1 The Book Containing As You Like It!  
#1 The Book to Learn, Practice, Be Entertained, and Memorize 
#1 The Best Book in Plays, Theater Performances, and Cinema 
#1 The Best Book in the English Language and Culture
#1 The Best and The First book, As You Like It! to listen, to read, to speak and write from that or about it Globally  
#1 The Best and The First book, As You Like It! to learn, to practice, to get entertained, to memorize
#1 The Best Book for English Speakers or Those Learning English as a Second Language 
#1 The First and The Best book for creating laugher, humor, comedy, joy, and happiness 
#1 The First and The Best book in creating more applause, cheering, wow, bravo, standing ovation
#1 The Best Book in Writing and Poetry 
#1 The Best Book Globally (from 400 years ago and for the year 2045 and the year 2100) 
#1 The Best Book in the Global English Language and Culture 
#1 The Book with the Highest Value, Price, and Cost in the History of Art, Literature, and Publishing 
#1 The Best Antique Book 
#1 The Best Book in Terms of Popularity and Renown 
#1 The Best Book for Buying, Selling, and Making a Fortune, Income, Wealth, Riches, and Prosperity 
#1 The Best Book for Learning and Teaching 
#1 The Best Book for Creating Applause, Cheers, and Standing Ovations 
#1 The Best Book for Poetry, Stories, History, and Singing 
#1 The Best Book for Creating Laugher, Humor, Comedy, Joy, and Happiness 
#1 The best Book with the biggest collection in most libraries globally 
#1 The Book with the Most Told Stories By Parents to Their Children 
#1 The Most Talked About and Thought About Book for Teachers and Students in the World 
#1 The Best Book for Living, Learning, Working, and Socializing in the World 
#1 The Best Book to Make Readers More Active and for Actors and Actresses in Movies 
#1 The Best Book for Inspiration, Motivation, Passion, and Vision for Creative Writers, Poets, and Artists globally 

The top book in terms of: cost, value, price, use, reading, writing, talking, speaking, playing, antiqueness, popularity, renown, storage, purchases, units sold, fortune, income, wealth, riches, prosperity, health, respect, laughter, shows, timing, budgets, friendships, marriages, singing, poetry, stories, history, crying, learning, and teaching. 


+ writing  

Pak Organization and Company (startup) has made a passionate mission and vision to take the excellent solutions of Four Seasons Gardening to produce more foods for more people via Globally by Promoting. 

Pak Company’s Four Seasons Gardening Collection offers 100 the Best Global Four Seasons Gardening Flowers, Greens, Fruits, Vegetables, Foods, Books, eBooks, Information, Products, Services, and lots of Promotional Content (free for all visitors plus Global (Spring Gardening + Summer Gardening + Fall Gardening + Winter Gardening) plus (all about Water and Drinking Water + Fire and Sunshine Energy + Air and Weather + Soil and Foods) and Rose Gardens + Flowers Gardens + Health Foods + Centenarians Info + Vision 2020 + Smart Shakespeare + Best 100 Plus Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Full Moon Days and Nights, and Seasonal (21th of March – Spring Day, 21th of June – Summer Day, 21th of September – Fall Day, 21th of December – Winter Day), Four Seasons Gardening, Celebration, Shows, Exhibitions, Markets, and Events Online via Websites, Smartphone Apps, Smart eBooks, AI Supercomputers, Interactive Multimedia, Social Media, YouTube, and the Internet, plus Four Seasons Gardening at All Levels: For Personal Use, Families, Groups, Companies, Organizations, Villages, Cities, Countries, and More (Local and Global) for 1, 2, 3, and 4 Seasons Gardening to produce food commercially and abundantly for as many families as much as possible. 

At the personal level, each individual grows and produces a minimum of: 

1+ 100+ Grams Daily or 100+ Flowers Daily (roses and other, mostly edible, flowers) 

2+ 100+ Grams of Greens Daily (leafy greens, herbs, sprouts) 

3+ 100+ Grams of Vegetables Daily 

4+ 100+ Grams of Fruits Daily 

[ 5 Fruits and Vegetables per Day ] 

Producing over 400 grams daily of fresh flowers, greens, vegetables, and fruits for all four seasons = 400t365 = 146,000 or 146 klgrmt100yr=15,000 = 15 tons 

These are produced and used as natural, fresh, raw, organic, local foods for living long, healthy lives. 

Growing and producing your own foods naturally with love, special care, and regard for the environment is natural, beautiful, healthy, physical, mental, emotionally and spiritually relaxing, calming, joyful, helpful, a great hobby, or even a job/business that allows you to keep your body and mind busy and active for an entire lifespan (even 100 years). Doing so helps to minimize stress, worries, anxieties, sadness, depression, emptiness, fear, anger, hatred, violence, as well as mental, emotional, and physical sickness caused by being far from nature and feeling useless.  

Doing so also helps you expend less time, money, energy, and pollution on transportation and cooking, which preserves the environment and maintains the natural vitamins and nutritional value of your plants. 



Global Four Seasons Foods and Drinks (Diet)  

1+ All natural, healthy foods (preferably fresh, raw, organic, and local) fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, herbs, greens, sprouts, honey, salt, water, juices, smoothies, salads, and seaweeds (green color by signs) 

These plants are the origin of most food systems and diets in the world (past, present, and most likely in the future). 

Most other food systems or diets are made using some percentages of these four kinds of foods. If anyone were to search for, ask about, study, learn, practice, and become familiar with these four types of foods, they could successfully and satisfactorily balance their diet for 80 to 100 years. 

In most of Four Seasons shows and markets, these foods, information, and education will be available for four hours (one hour for each type).  

Maintain schedules for the three main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and three snacks (morning, afternoon, and evening). Smartphone apps are especially good for reminding people about the most liked foods of the past few hundred years. Almost 75% of foods and drinks known for providing a lifetime of nutrients will be around for the next 100 years. 


Blenders are the smartest food processor that human kind has ever created. 

Smart handy blenders or smart shakers. 


End of writing