my own personal dictionary, spelling, pronunciation, meaning, relevance, grammar,
Listening, talking, speaking, reading and writing, using, test, exams, learning, memorizing, remembering,

thinking, dreaming, analyzing, evaluating, comprehending, realizing, understanding, connecting associating,
creative writing, promotion, guides
for RS promoter, create writer, websites, developer, info guide [ 7,10,14,20,30,36,40, 50,60,70,71, 72 ]year + 73 to 75, 80, 90, 100+ yr young +%1to 2,3,4, or 10%+ languages naturally, also I make them good, better, best from 1%+ 23410%50%+100+400%+[ 1 to 10 to 20 to 40 t 75 to 100 plus times IMRRDndwwwppp to read them carefully, write them carefully, listen to them carefully, say them, talk with them, speak with them,
[[ from God Holy Spirit who knows all to mrrd who want to learn, ]] yes Imrrd want now to learn to know and have information, knowledge, data, to experience, do it, test them, try and train to master it best, memorize, to short term and long term memory, remember to use them right, correct 100%+ copy, photograph, voice record, video films, write them, keep them, save them, remember them to repeat and repeat to remember them! ]

}{ success and satisfaction guarantee the best 100 plus + from 55%+70+ to 80%+90 plus +++
1 to 23410, 100, 400, 1000, 1500, 2023, 4000, 10/000+++
20/000 to 30/000 or 50/000 Persian words to 70/000 to 100/000 or Persian words, also Azeri 1000 to 10/000 + 20/000 Turkish spoken words to plus 1000 to 10/000 + 20/000 Arabic words +
1 to 23410, 100, 400, 1000, 1500, 2023, 4000, 10/000+++
20/000 to 30/000 English words or 50 to 70/000 to 100/000 English words,

plus 100 to 1000 to maybe 10/000 just words from Hindustani languages!

 “Hithere!”(hi)(hai)high, higher, highest, highlight, highlights, highlighted, height,++++
right, alright, allright, all right,
light, highlight, bright, sight, delight, might, copyright [20 words from top 400 words]
night, light, fight, flight, delight, height, weight, eight, neighbor
ought, sight, bought, cought, bright, upright, straight, freight, midnight, airtight, eyesight, streetlight, skylight, headlight, gunfight, firefighter, stoplight, flashlight, sidelight, moonlight, backlight, birthright, greenlight, playwright, copyright, overnights,

pro, pros, prose, prosper, prosperity, propertyproper, profile, profit, profitability, projection, project, program, programmed, programmer, proficient, prove, proven, proved, proof, process, problem, protect, protection, protector, protest, prophet, prophecy, prolong, promo, promote, promoter, promotion, promotive, propaganda, product, produce, producer, production, probably, progress, proposal, prospect, protocol, profound, proclaim, provide, providing, proud, protein, proton, pro-active, Pro-globalization, probably, proactivity, procreate, prompt, probiotic, prosecutor, prostitute, proscribe, provision, procedure, projector, promise, promising, prototype, proportion, profession, professional, professor, processor, proceeding, process, proponent, pronounce, Pronunciation, pronoun, pronouncement,
present, presence, prepared, prediction, predicts for happening, Definition: Speculation involves trading a financial instrument involving high risk, in expectation of significant returns. The motive is to take maximum advantage of fluctuations in the market. increase, prescription, Description: Speculators are prevalent in the markets where price movements of securities are highly frequent and volatile. A deity or god is a supernatural being considered divine or sacred. 

youth, you, our, ours, four, hour, soul, house, sound, mouth, court, touch, course, ourselves, thousand, country, count, account, accounting, accounter, humour, pour, found, founds, round pound, pounds, authour, flours, humor, neighbour, neighbor, honour, honor, labour, labor, colour, color bound, could, should, would, rough, enough, brought, bought, thought, ought, ought, although, trouble, serious, various, religious, courage, courageous, ground, doubt, around,

(sho͝or, shûr) sure, All right, right, correct, accurate, precise, exact, exactly, +100% Similar: certain, positive, convinced, definite, confident, decided. firmsecuresolid, hard, soundstablestrong, stablesteady, Confident, as of something awaited or expected: 
exercise, experience, yes alright 100% absolutely positively for sure it is right and correct.
inarguable, argue, indisputableindubitablepositiveundeniableundisputableunquestionable,  unshakable.

always effective; unfailing: a sure remedy. reliable in indication or accuracy accurate, : a sure (of persons) worthy of trust or confidence:
confident: Feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured, feeling, or showing certainty, as of success, confident – having or marked by confidence or assurance; “a confident speaker”; “a confident reply”; “his manner is more confident these days”; “confident of fulfillment”
confident – having or marked by confidence or assurance; “a confident speaker”; “a confident reply”; “his manner is more confident these days”; “confident of fulfillment”
shyunsuretimid – lacking self- confidence; “stood in the doorway diffident”; 
“problems that call for bold not timid responses”; “a very unsure young man” ambiguousborderlinechancycloudeddoubtfulinconclusiveindecisiveindeterminateproblematicquestionableuncertainunclear. uncertainundecidedundeterminedunresolvedunsettledvague. weak, shaky, dubiousskeptical

1 to 100 400 words
ears hear, here, were, where, which, while, white, their, three, whether, weather, whom, watch, must, image, imagine, comments
hear, heart, heard, hard, seemed, recite, recipe, receipt, receive, received believe
present, percent, turned, return  themselves rather full, really, tell, following, smile, small, smell till, still, little, letter, matter,
possible, pass, passed, different, manner  least, perhaps, several, therefore, cried, terms, replied, kept
electronic truth sure, short, together, either, during, feet, foot, cannot, until, wife, within, certain, point hundred state case, along, alone above fact already, between, because,  cause, earth, both, done, seen, moment knew side something, among, stand, Gutenberg however, given, began less, quite, stood, since. results said, been, than, then,
upon, suchshallagainst, again off, anothersaw always once, almost most got,
subject+ 400 words
400 to 1000 words
 does morning since turned themselves rather, began less form large evening, understand, sort ask sense beautiful character turn force paid else river sometimes brother miles
smell faculty or power of perceiving odors or scents organs in the nose aroma, fragrance, scent, perfume, flavor
 solving a problem. an answer to a problem: explanation, translation, translate, interpretation, contribute,
saving, recording, memorizing, making backups, writing, write, written, wrote, rewriting, editing
purpose suppose, support, position further, seem act suddenly strange, view, review, nearly neither beyond, none
road forward I’ve, daughter knowledge husband mine toward
 except below didn’t office fair American fall laid hair Paris government, desire opinion gold important certainly tried silence placed greater distance length strength duty beargentleman lips object particular
601 – 700[edit]

ran smile wrong chief hardly enemy plain, plane, planet, plan, planning  savioure, decision, self- advancement, miracles, renewal, nobility, majesty, dignity, glory, divine, dominion, Christ Christian church faith, religion heaven, authority, condition drew heavy single secret influence broken places, regard afraid hat figure won’t period whatever appearance system instead simple afterwards merely struck mere twenty tears exclaimed respect noble

701 – 800[edit]

worth quiet silent, remain fit ancient result month society showed 
third notice grew expected wonder entirely goes, due german direction tone main conversation considerable  beside, trademark chair somewhat, considered stone individual greatest wished lines boat  
sudden field waiting private quickly formed block, quote political race scene, 
 begin broke 

801 – 900[edit]

quality, Europe, Euro, grand bit situation fortune vain takes century cast prepared 
sans determined grave hot sin drawn camp escape likely leaves instant refund fifty ladies modern existence simply pleasant perfectlysurprise corner soft  turning military troops forget trust fixed beneath, equalreply shore conduct break spent, original step cry domain fast medium justice lie,

901 – 1000[edit]

rise sake  breath builtboard  rate physical complete distribute instance, pale  offer train shot lead father‘s 
spoken moral  I’d directly example obliged warm spitenon worse pain forms request servant seat, path silver pride smiled wonderful, share twelve movement expect engaged legal advantage darkness spread foreign vast sell, sales, shopping, shop, bought, soled, closing, finish, importance, important, emergency, danger, endanger, in danger, helping, helped, helpful, help needed helping, urgent /ərjənt/, high priority, priorities, prioritize, needed, please, the first aide, first-aid

attempt pretty, attention, attitude, getting sittingtroops, attack battle bottle, terrible, loss unless across, associated passage, message, massage therapy, possession class glass, happiness support opportunity, appear  
impossible afternoon running, beginning village, book, food, mood, wood, poor, floor, middle, official, difficult  effect, effort, coffee, sufficient married marriage, permission, expression, dress, carry, access occasion according, planning, dinnercommand, immediately summeragreement sweet, tree degree, allow follow, fellow latter ill, killed 
too, zoo, zoon, boos, good, zoom, fool, took, room, cool, boom, taboo, boost, root, tool, hood, roof, soon, door, hook, school, flood, bloom, stood, shoot, gloom, loom, booze, misunderstood, shoot,
choose, goodwill, cooperative,

with, both, oath, myths, bathroom, birth, tooth, teeth, Is it teeth or tooth? Teeth is the plural of tooth. depth, smith, hundredths, month, earth, fifth, youth, forth, truth, sixteenth, north, south, worth, fourth, breath, warmth, eighth, height, beneath, millionth,
health, growth, wealth, rebirth, smooth, strength, wordsmith, aftermath
business, address, passion, message, massage, pass, kiss, less, loss, miss, siss, mass, mess,
ass, ess, assist, assume, assumption, passing, asset, assure, assured, fossil, tissue, unless, stress,
glass, cross, dress, bliss, bless, across, access, excess, lawless, dismiss,
actress, witness, congress, gross, grass, excess, wireless, weakness, session, assault, missing,
fitness, massive, illness, cession, process, success, mission,
express, consciousness, progress, wordless, princess, priceless, congress, compress,
ssion, cession, admission, obsession, mission, compassion, profession, professional, expression, aggression, depression, recession, videocassettes, necessary, essential, assistance, processor, associate, passenger,
assurance, professors, pressing, possible, password, necessity classes, classics, lesson,
language, languages, manage, management, managed, manageable, manager, management, managerial,
age, ages, page, wage, sage, stage, eagerness, usage, agency, ageism, aging, aging, ageless, overage, signage, postage, agenda, dosages, voyager, engaged, courage, courageous, voltage, cage, rage, damage, rampage, tragedy, wreckage, bagel, garage, garbage,
wordage, millage, bondage, advantage, acreage, cabbage, collage, cottage, teenage, luggage, average, mortgage, collagen, storage, hostage, agenesis, blockage, marriage, leverage, homepage, overage, beverage, cage, agelessly, shrinkage, agelessness, miscarriage,
+ intelligent, intelligence, intellectual, intelligibility, intelligent, intelligence, intelligently, intellectually,
intellectually, necessity

pg6 ee EE
see, seeing, free, free will, freedom, feel, feeling, seek, seeker, agree, meet, meeting, need, succeed,
keep, feed, green, deed, feedback, greeting, needles, bleeding, The plural of foot is feet
been, fees, deep, seem, seed, cheep, speed, street, keeper, keeping, sleep, speech, week, cheese,
deer, teeth, feet, heel, greed, jeep, meek, flee, flee, breed, weed, teen, knee, beef, sheet, breech, beeper, beetle,
career, screen, needle, breeze, redeem, sleeve, degree, indeed, coffee, exceed, cheers, cheerful, freeze, esteem, sweeper,
fiancee, devotee, fifteen, proceed, squeeze, retiree, trainee, weeping, nominee, referee, oversee, trustee,
pioneer, between, protegee, peeling, beetroot, examinee, patentee, absentee, attendee, licensee, sweeping,
employee, engineer,
pg 7
IE, ie
pie, lie, lies, quiet, piece, client, experience, series, friend, friendly,
view, viewing, review, preview, interview, viewpoint, studied, believe, belief, relief, relieve,
diet, dietary, variety, society, monies, tried, dried, movies, achieve, applied, married,
science, scientist, patient, patience, ancient, cookie, chief, brief, yield, fries, fried, thief,
siege, priest, alien, diesel, orient, oriental, shield, courier, soldier, anxiety, premiere,
yield, airfield, carrier, premier, hygiene, audience, retrieve, recipient, clientele, deficient,
briefcase, obedience, disbelief, qualified, satisfied, sufficient, classified, ingredient,
lieutenant, miniseries, impatience, deficiency, efficiency,
ei EI
being, heir, their, eight, weight, deity, weird, either, aging, height, receive, receivable, foreign,
leisure, receipt,
oi OI
join, choice, going, doing, voice, invoice, noise, soil, oil, coin, appoint, pinpoint, point, pinpoint,
void, avoid, toilet, poison, boiler, boiling, opioid, tabloid, moisture, paranoia
io IO
priority, million, billion, senior, union, radio, lion, prior, section, various, serious, version,
station, violent, pioneer, obvious, riot, rioter,

ary, ARY
diary, salary, primary, Grammarly, ordinary, rosary, literary, library, dietary, summary, military,
burglary, monetary, rosemary, culinary, glossary, honorary, boundary, necessary, secondary,
guard, square, January, February, safeguard, guarantor, quarter, guarded, guardian, guaranty,
lifeguard, guarantying, guarantee, unguarded, bodyguard, lifeguard,
the voluntary, legendary, visionary, planetary, momentary, adversary, imaginary, customary,
temporary, secretary, elementary, vocabulary, missionary, stationary, anniversary, dictionary,
commentary, documentary, revolutionary, extraordinary, complementary, parliamentary, complimentary,
dec, DEC
decide, decided, decision, deciding, December, decade, decode, decent, decimal, decisive,
decoder, deceive, decency, decline, declare, decrease, decorate, decoration, decorative, decreased
ate ATE
gate, rate,%, rating, rated, date, dated, latest, eaten, create, late, locate, education, donate, patent,
estate, debate, private, greater, meditate, statement, corporate, incorporate, animated, delicate,
advocate, graduate, repeated, accurate, mate, late, later, water, state, climate, violate, hate, beaten,
isolate, material, separate, generate, celebrated, sweater, primate, elevate, evaluate, moderate,
grateful, patented, dominate, initiate, regulate, strategy, indicate, immediate, candidate, integrate,
eliminate, calculate, stimulate, facilitate
iou IOU
conscious, consciousness, subconsciously, higher conscious, unconsciousness, victorious, serious,
savior, curious, glorious, gracious, various, previous, delicious, nutritious, religious, behavior,
ingenious, ambitious, harmonious, suspicious, contagious, anxious, contagious, infectious,
mysterious, mysterious
tute, institute, constitute, substitute,
ph PH
phone, telephone, photo, photography, alpha, trophy, paragraph, phrase, uphold, nephew, sphere,
uphill, phrase, photon, orphan, graphic, phoenix, dolphin, prophet, phonics, emphasis, metaphor,
prophecy, elephant, pharmacy, shepherd, geography, atmosphere, phenomenon, demographic, y,
catastrophic, sophisticated, philosophical,
phy PHY
physics, physical, physician, physicist, biography, geography, photography, metaphysical, bibliography,
philosophy, physiology, geophysics, telegraphy, cryptography, physiotherapy
post, POST,
post, posts, poster, postal, posted, post office, postage, postman, postage, postbox, postal code,
poat stamp, post receipt, post bill, post station, airport, posttax, compost, outpost, posting, posties, postpone,
posted, postpaid, postpaid, doorpost, post office tracking, post staps, posture,
fied FIED
Satisfied, qualified, classified, testified, verified, modified, specified
ancient past, efficient, deficient, scientist, omniscient, sufficient, neuroscientists
med MED
medical, media, medicine, medicinal, medication, medicine, meditate, meditation,
medal, medium, medallist, Mediterranean,
call, CALL,
call, recall, recalling, called, callback, calling, caller, called, vocally, logically,
local, locally, basically, vertically, holistically, tropically, practically, classically, historically,
theologically, magically, medically,
dd DD
add, address, odd, dad, daddy, buddy, granddaddy, granddaughter, middle, ladder, pudding, hidden, addict, addiction, addictive, forbidden, wedding, goddess
dis paradise, merchandise
bb lobby, hobby, rubber
late LATE, delete. deletes, deleted, complete. athlete,
x X
six, box, mix, mixed, fix, fixed, next, exit, exam, taxi, text, exist, exact, relax, relaxed, excel, except, taxes, tax, fax,
expanse, expand, export, expo, extend, exceed, extra, index, sixth, oxford, expect, luxury,
sex, sexual,
example, express, excited, mixture, exclude, reflex, climax, influx, boxing, exempt, matrix, excite,
expire, expose, exotic, excuse, oxygen, exceed, expert, excess, explain, examine, explore, anxiety,
anxious, extract, texture, fixture, extraordinary, extraction, exhausted, expedition, excitement,
expression, exhibition, experiment, excellence, flaxseed, Gallery, parallax, reflex, complex, flexible, reflexology
tch TCH
watch time, watch, watching, with, matchup, dispatcher, switchboard, catch, match, patch,
itchy, bitch, pitch, ditch, kitchenware, switch, sketch, stitch, twitch, catchy,
watchman, kitchen, butcher, matchmaker, matchstick, catchup, etching, dispatch, wristwatch,
ch CH
choice, chosen, choose, chance, rich, reach, teach, cheep, launch, schedule, schedules, scheduling,
purchases, children, technical, challenge, character, exchange, charge,
approach, attached, attachment, achieve, achievement, dispatch, sandwich, technique,
chapter, machine, kitchen, teacher, research, machinery, chicken, chair, inch, which,
chief, echo, chip, chain, touch, coach, chef, chase, china, school, church, cherry, each,
much such, branch, french, switch, orchard, cheese, chart, pitch, catch, chief, butcher,
attach, cheers, charter, touched, stomach, monarch, archive, chamber, chronic, archive,
scratch, champion, alchemist, chemical, catching, clinching, luncheon, detached, touching,
bachelor, stopwatch, artichoke, stepchild.
pistachio, checkmate, franchise, chocolate, toothache, machinist, hierarchy, mechanics,
benchmark, whichever, champaign, chronicle, scholarly, orchestra, discharge, architect,
chemistry, childhood, wheelchair, mechanism, technology, challenged, chancellor,
challenger, detachment, mechanical, archbishop, technician, chromosome, checkpoint,
brainchild, scholarship, cholesterol, interchange, switchboard, merchandise, psychologist,
characterized, biochemistry, achieved, charity, charitable, attachment,
scr SCR
screen, screenwriter, script, prescription, nonprescription, subscribe, subscription, scroll, scratch,
describe, description, discrimination, scream, screw
ign, sign, signs, signal, singer, design, designer, designing, designed, redesign, signage, resign,
signed, signature, dignity, consignment, consigning, ignition, signature, designing, ig, high, eight,
ignore, ignorant, ignorance, foreign, foreigner, significant, resignation, consignment
future, nature, mature, picture, lecture, natural, venture, capture, texture, feature, mixture, posture,
manufacture, natural, century, creature, agriculture, structure, departure, adventure, premature,
architecture, multicultural, return, mature, turkey, turner, culture, cultural, temperature,
infrastructure, literature
dual, dually, gradual, individual, individually, graduate, residual, graduation, nongraduate, procedure
ain AIN,
main, gain, rain, brain, paint, train, drain, grain, chain, remain, domain, obtain, attain, detain, ordain,
certain, contain, captain, training, maintain, painting, mountain, container, plaintiff, entertain,
maintenance, pain, painful, intense, suffering, extreme, painless,
ian IAN
gain, giant, fiance, radiance, civilian, brilliant, barbarian, guardian, musician, historian, appliance,
physician, compliant, humanitarian, authoritarian, authorization, parliamentarians,
librarian, vegetarian, electrician, dietitian, custodian, piano, comedian, defiance, alliance, reliance,
Persian, utopian, guardian, comedian,
is, IA
aria, media, Gloria, Victoria, multimedia, encyclopedia, galleria, scotia, insomnia, bacteria,
story, storyteller, storytelling, history, storybook, multistory, clearstory, story writer
ll LL
all, ally, ball, mall, full, fully, tell, call, caller, roll, tall, bill, sell, dollar, dollars, fall,
will, well, wall, willing, allow. rally, skill, bellow, fellow, gallons, wallet, billing, till, toll tax,
mill, hill, fill, still, drill, small, ideally, cell, dill, jell, hull, smelly, yellow, ballon,
ill, kill, yell, yelling, fallen, pill,
recall, allied, roller, ballet, enroll, thrill, distill, install, illegal, filling, fulfill, allergy, fallback,
fireball, firewall, payroll, totally, overall, collect, collection, millstone, million, billion,
college, gallery, telling, baseball, football, collapse, follower, hillside,
snowball, fullback, callback, downfall, downhill, landfill, farewell goodbye,
swelling, allergic, rainfall, collagen, nutshell, illusion, metallic, spelling, umbrella,
actually, hallmark, cellular, alliance, ballroom, stonewall, ballpoint, milligram, billiard,
treadmill, stillness, billboard, waterfall, wallpaper, pollution, hopefully, colleagues, shortfall,
illegality, ballplayer, wallflower, pillow, eventually, originally, challenged, millennium, fellowship,
challenger, bulletproof, challenging, installment, multimillion, tranquillity, cancellation, installation,
illustration, occasionally, goodwill, wellness, willpower, challenge, collector, recollect, cellphone,
excellent, virtually, satellite, collected, generally, naturally, allowance, literally, illiterate,
collection, collective, bookseller, controller, storyteller, collectible, collectivity, dill aromatic herb

mm MM
common, summer, grammar, commit, immune, hummer, dimmer, hummus, planner,
comment, commander, command, summary, commend praise, drummer, swimming,
roommate, commerce, immortal, immunity, commanding, community, committee,
immediate, immigrant, recommend, commission, commercial, programmer,
immortality, commission, commissioner, commonwealth, inflammation,
commercially, commercialize, intellectual, intelligence, brilliant, intellect
nn NN
inner, sunny, fun, funny, win, winner, run, runner, running, plan, planning, planner, planned,
begin, beginner, beginning, person, personnel, dinner, manner, penny, banner, tunnel, skinny,
annual, cannot, annoying, connect, unplanned, channel, announce, stunning, innocent, cannabis,
innovate, beginner, innocence, innovative, connectivity, interconnection, millennium, anniversary, nonnegotiable,
tt TT
better, letter, attend, attain, attention, attractive, attitude, attendee, attentive, attempt, attendance, attending,
pretty, little, little, matter, bottom, latter, bottle, battle, settle, cotton, cutter, cutter, bitter, cattle, better, tattoo,
patten, rotten, filtering, Twitter, quitter, cigarette, attache, lettuce, boycott, flatten, settler, written, attract,
fitting, lottery, shuttle, pottery, battery, mattress, attorney, forgotten, butter, fly, attribute, attachment,
betterment, transmitter, butterfly, butterflies
success, succeed, successful, successor, account, accounting, accurate, accuracy, occasion, accessory, vaccine, vaccination, vaccine, accused, acclaim, accident, preoccupied, broccoli, accompany, acceptable, acceleration, accomplishment, accommodate, accelerate, accordingly, occasionally
ology, logy
sociology, technology, psychology, physiology, biology, ecology, zoology, radiology, audiology,
terminology, criminology, biotechnology, mythical mythology, mythmaker, mythically
writer wrote, written, wright, wrestling, wrong, wrist, wrapping,
words, keywords, wordbook, overword, misword, password, crossword, wordsmith, watchword, guideword, wordness,
dg DG dge
knowledge, acknowledge, budget, gadget, judge, bridge, pledge, judgment, cartridge, bridge, pledge

sweet, answer, swan, swim, swimming, swiss, swept, sword, swift, swing, sweat, switch,
ea EA
eat, eater, tea, ear, meal, real, head, easy, idea, teach, hear, mean, lead, dead, learn, dream, bread,
peace, treat, meant, head, speak, ready, heart, reach, great, early, weakened, healer, health, healer,
learned, heaven, reader, reason, easily, search, wealth, beauty, really, please, please,
create, recreation, recreation, research, teacher, reading, reality, already,
pea, peanut, peach, sea, pear, meat, meal, break, peal, leak, cheap, cream, steam, lease, realty,
beam, rear, heap, year, each, seat, near, heart, area, beach, tear, fear, eagle, eager, bleach, scream, heated,
beaten, clean, ocean, leave, least, break, heavy, early, health, speech, peaked, spread, appeared, steady, weapon,
cereal, yearly, weaver, thread, beacon, treat, steady, heaven, breast, breath, repeat, near, season, dealer, reveal,
steam, leaves, cleans, leather, feature, heartbreak, southeast, east, instead, theater, theatre, heavily, beating, increase, earning, treasury, weaknesses, headlight, decrease, heartburn, healthful, steamboat, revealing, clearance, Mediterranean, knowledgeable, headquarters, breakthrough, recreate, speakerphone, peacekeeping,
sh SH
cash, she, fresh, shy, shave, ash, fresh, rush, wish, fish, trash, shop, shot, shut, ship, dish, wash, shoe,
sheep, show, shirt, share, short, sunshine, shock, shift, shoot, cashew, shrink, washer, vanish, finish,
shadow, shield, fashion, publish, worship, selfish, shortly, sheriff, shelves, foolish, ashamed, shoulder,
polish, diminish, flashing, shocking, flourish, shipment, flagship, shortstop, ownership, fisherman,
offshore, shipping, publisher
page 15

q, qu, quest, question, questionnaire, request, conquest, query,
quick, quotes, quit, quiet, quite, unique, tranquil, equip. queen, squeeze, query, cheque, banquet,
liquid, liquor, inquiry, required, require, requirement, frequently, mosque, sequence, subsequent,
critiques, boutique, acquisition, tranquil, acquisition,
quantity, equal, equality, quality, qualify, qualification, quarter, quantify, headquarter,
aquarium, earthquake, quantum, squad, square meter,
technique, adequate, safeguard,
quote: to qualify, the requirement is to quickly and quietly quit the banquet.
tion TION differentiation, initiation
action, nation, education, question, affirmation, generation, population, creation, donation,
promotion, motivation, motion, section, station, portion, relaxation, edition, mention, auction,
fiction, caution, initiation, condition, emotional, ovation, tuition, solution, function,
prediction, cultivation, adaption, devotion, location, junction, position, projection,
national, optional, addiction, deception, demolition, distraction, election, reaction,
meditation, digestion, selection, liberation, quotation, objection, deduction, vibration,
dedication, invention, affection, animation, infection, correction, presumption, reception,
pollution, infection, migration, filtration, dysfunction, operation, situation, direction, condition,
hesitation, persecution, intention, evolution, exhaustion, irritation, corruption,
realization, attention, plantation, reputation, perfection, navigation, frustration, stationary,
graduation, alteration, expedition, speculation, vegetation, domination, relation, attraction,
production, obligation, regulation, connection, foundation, collection, definition, innovation,
exhibition, proportion, limitation, assumption, inspection, separation, automation, invitation,
occupation, perception, recreation, suggestion, reflection, indication, prevention, revolution,
the convention, opposition, reputation, resolution, evolution, revolution change,
international, organization, information, occupation, preoccupation,
congrats, congratulations, conversation, compensation, consultation, recollection, collection,
appreciation, presentation, resurrection, subscription, distribution,
translation, interaction, reservation, termination, calculation, circulation, observation, destruction,
imagination, inspiration, explanation, instruction, imagination, cooperation, destination,
consumption, publication, legislation, integration, combination, examination,
corporation, association, exception, institution, recognition, competition, implantation,
recondition, colonization, fermentation, verification, denomination, accumulation,
acceleration, reproduction, anticipation, relationship, intoxication,
perspiration, constipation, degeneration, illumination, inflammation, depreciation,
cancellation, anticipation, hospitalization, personification, civilization, substitution, complication,
optimization, notification, manipulation, continuation, confirmation, illustration, modification,
justification, documentation, specification, certification, preregistration, communication,
satisfaction, construction, contribution, registration, investigation, participation,
documentation, determination,
initial, initiate, potential, militia, partial, dementia, differential, essential, negotiate, initiative,
influential, residential, confidential,
Persia, social, special, facial, official, musician, optician, financial, associate, appreciate,
artificial, beneficial, provincial, beautician, pronunciation, socialize, scotia
off OFF
offer, affirm, staff, stuff, coffee, affiliate, cliff, bluff, sniff, effort, offset, buffet, buffer, playoff, effort,
affair, affect, affidavit, sworn, affirmation, differ, difficult, suffer, offset, saffron, traffic, offense,
offline, insufficiency, officially, effective, affirmative, effectively
pass, password, passwords, passport, passports, passage, passing, overpass, possible, passenger,
encompass, passivism, passively, surpassed, passionate, surpassing, bypass, passive,
compassionate, compassionately, passionflower, compassion,
sterilization, master, sister, poster, booster, register, preregister, mastermind, stereo, western, eastern,
steroid, toaster, disaster, mystery, mastery, gangster, youngster, stereotype, yesterday, webmaster,
monastery, masterful, mysterious, postmaster, masterwork, cholesterol, chesterfield,
masterpiece, toastmaster, minister, testosterone
z Z
zoo, wize, size, zone, jazz, pizza, froze, realization, zip, buzz, lazy, zoom, raze, cozy, razor, plaza,
prize, criticized, zero, dozen, sized, ozone, booze, amaze, craze, dizzy, jeopardize, seize, frozen,
hazard, wizard, squeeze, civilized, bazaar, buzzer, blazer, bronze, seizure, bonanza, emphasize,
enzyme, realize, horizon, zoology, bizarre, seizure, specialize, citizen, utilize, horizon, analyze,
freezer, sizable, downsize, fertilizer, magazine, maximize, optimize, zucchini, localized,
prioritize, memorize, equalize, legalize, immunize, buzzword, revitalize, hazelnut, theorize, paralyze,
wizardly, mobilize, chimpanzee, minimize, digitize, energize, equalize, summarize, securitize,
recognize, customize, apologize, mezzanine, legitimize, prioritize, privatize, symbolization,
authorize, influenza, appetizer, capitalize, hospitalization, intellectualize, professionalize
know KN
know, knew, known, knowing, knower, knowns, knowable, acknowledgment, knowledge,
acknowledge, acknowledged, knowledgeable, knowable, unknown, unknowing, unknowable,
nickname, knight, knee, knack, sickness, weakness, knife, knives, knockdown, knighthood,
knifepoint, pocketknife, pocketknives
wn WN
own, owner, owner, own, owned, ownership, homeowner, landowner, known, shown, grown, grownup,
yawn, yawning. pawn, dawn, downtown, lawn, crown, brown, grown, town, clown, brown,
uptown, brownie, rundown, slowdown, downfall, downplay, downsize, lockdown,
meltdown, downtime, hometown, showdown, download, downloading, downloaded,
renowned, breakdown, countdown, homegrown, townhouse, withdrawn, touchdown,
crackdown, downgrade, downtrend, downstairs, downgrades, downplayed,
art ART
art, arts, artist, artful, article, artwork, artistic, artificial, part, start, restart, smart, smarty, outsmart,
martin dart, cart, part, earth, apart, party, sweetheart, heart, hart, party, cartoon, earthly,
heartless, early, depart, quarter, partner, artisan, particle, apartment, artillery, carriage,
uncharted, partisan, participant, artichoke, heartfelt, heartbeat, departure, department,
inartistic, particular, partnership, compartment, counterpart, wholehearted, osteoarthritis, artificialities
cle CLE
article, miracle, circle, clever, particle, cycle, clerk, muscle, oracle, vehicle, bicycle, obstacle, muscleman,
clear, clean, unclear, cleaver, cleansing, cleanup, nuclear, cleaner, clearance, cleanse, clearing, clearheaded,
raise, RAISE
raised, reraise, upraised, praise, praise, praised, praises, apprise, praiseworthy, fundraising,
appraisement, reappraise, overpraise, fundraiser,
sit SIT
university, visitation, biodiversity, intensity, sensitivity, curiosity, necessity, diversity, situation,
positive, visited, revisit, sit, visitor, websites, sitting, density, obesity,
position, opposite, hesitate, parasite, acquisition, sensitive
cit CIT
CITY, EXCITE, DEFICIT. solicit, citizen, capacity, toxicity, scarcity, publicity, simplicity, authenticity
cyc CYC
cycle, bicycle, cycling, motorcycle, cyclopedia, encyclopedia,
sales, presales, oversees, salesperson, salesroom, salesgirl, saleslady, salesman, saleswoman,
salesclerk, supersale, wholesale, salesmanships, super salesman, seller, reseller, seller,
bookseller, best seller, the best salesman

enter ENTER
enter, entertainment, entertain, entertaining, center, center, piece, inventor, carpenter,
enterprising, entrepreneur
inter INTER
winter, intern, printer, interesting, interest, interested, internal, interact, interview,
interactive, intercom, interior, interlink, international, interchange, interfaith,
interpret, interrupt, interstate, intersection, internet, interpretation,
rite RITE
write, writer, writing, rewriting, rewrite, overwrite, story writer, playwriter, screenwriter,
speechwriter, sportswriter, scriptwriter, cowriter, ghostwriter, handwriting, typewriter,
copywriter, freewriting, favorite, spirit, spirited, writeable, songwriter,
dic DIK
Dictionary, addiction, dedication, indication, indicator, addict, predict, medical, dictate,
comedic, diction, radical, contradiction, verdict, indicate, medicine,
dictator, cock kak, dick dik, penis, medicate, addictive, paramedic, medicinal,
syndicate, encyclopedic
pg 20
ise ISE
rise, wise, raised, advise, adviser, advised, pray, praise, praise, precise, concise, precisely.
promise, expertise, noise, misery, unwise, disease, compromise, exercise, surprise, televise,
franchise, advertise, clockwise, paradise, likewise, practice,
otherwise, practiced, supervise, exerciser, enterprise, streetwise, noisemaker, advertisement
meant MENT
moment, mental, comment, moment, shipment, momentum, mentor, element, alignment,
agreement, movement, document, judgment, basement, equipment, argument, pavement,
fragment, treatment, disappointment, apartment, enjoyment, amusement, amazement, momentary,
placement, department, employment, statement, government, management, settlement,
investment, enrollment, adjustment, punishment, tournament, experiment, complement,
elementary, excitement, attachment, engagement, supplement, instrument, retirement,
assessment, commitment, department, development, environment, appointment, achievement,
improvement, replacement, measurement, advancement, endorsement, containment,
requirement, arrangement, installment, documentary, entitlement, announcement,
disagreement, fermentation, experiment, disagreement, undocumented, documentable,
establishment, reinforcement, accomplishment
symbol, symbols, symbolic, book of symbols, symbolize, + symphonies, symphony, orchestra, opera, symposium, sympathy,
obtain, detain, attain, certain, captain, sustain, maintain, mountain, detainee, fountain,
bible, edible, visible, invisible, audible, possible, flexible, eligible, sensible, illegible, impossible, accessible, incredible, intelligible, compatible, intangible, deductible, reversible, extendible, defensible, responsible, convertible, collectible, irresistible, irresponsible,
table, tablet, cable, notable, enable, stable, usable, comfortable, suitable, vegetable, doable, capable, payable,
taxable, lovable, likable, moveable, disable, disabled, livable, valuable, suitable, reliable, understandable,
readable, workable, tabletop, wearable, available, memorable, removable, agreeable, desirable, honorable,
timetable, renewable, advisable, reasonable, profitable, remarkable, roundtable, manageable, marketable,
measurable, comparable, acceptable, inevitable, charitable, noticeable, dependable, respectable, inseparable,
regrettable, sustainable, unstoppable, unspeakable, fashionable, unavoidable, intolerable, justifiable, -+pleasurable, unavailable, considerable, questionable, unbelievable, unmistakable, unacceptable,
uncomfortable, indispensable, interchangeable, unpronounceable, uncategorizable,
mobility, stability, possibility, responsibility, suggestibility, probability, memorability, incompatibility,
improbability, visibility, durability, inability, disability, invisibility,
product, produce, products, producer, production, productive, educator, educate, educated, education,
introduced, introduction, misconduct
composition, instrument, harmony, harmonious, element, classical, subsequent, concert, tune, theatrical,
staging, co-ordinated, musician, performing, arrange, dramatic, dialogue, narrative, equivalent,
reconstruction, reorganization,
ice, nice, rice, choice, price, pricey, spice, voice, invoice, dice, iced, juice, slice, twice, office, officer, police, advice,
the device, notice, license, licence UK, justice, service, sacrifice, injustice, malpractice, practice, priceless, magnificent,
subject, submit, subway, substance, submarine, subscribe, subscription,
read, reading, ready, real, really, realty, rest, rent, red, rear, rely, reach, refer, react, renew, repay, relax, reply, report,
record, reason, reform, remain, retain, retain, remote, repair, replay, refuse, reward, replay, retire, result, recent,
return, review, reduce, relief, regard, relate, recall, reuse, rental, remind, remedy, regret, resign, remark,
refund, reflex, resell, resale, reopen, repaid, refuse, recipe, reject, regain, resist, rental, resent, rewind,
relive, refill, recess, release, receive, reflect, regular, request, respond, replace, recover, receipt, relaxed,
retreat, relieve, related, relevant, recovery, repeated, revenue, require, respect, reality, removed, realize,
retired, restore, renewal, recruit, refined, resting, rebuild, refugee, reunion, rebound, retiree, recycle, relative,
republic, religion, reporter, reporter, retiring, rewrite, rethink, restart, refresh, rebirth, reprint, rematch,
research, received, required, response, reaction, resident, president, reactive, remember, resource, reliable,
register, reminder, relation, recorder, receiver, regulation, restroom, redirect, recreative, refinery, realistic,
reformed, restless, relocate, reinforce, relieve, regulate, resolution, retirement, reorganization, responsibility,
representative, representation, reconciliation, recommendation, reconstruction, reinforcement, reincarnation,
republication, reincorporate, revolutionize, revolutionary,
pg 23
the, this, these, that, they, then, than, than, three, tree, trees, there, think, theme, thick, thanks, thing, theft,
their, those, third, thigh, theory, theology, theoretical, theater, thanks, their, thirty, thirdly, thrifty, therefore,
thickness, threatened, thereafter, threat, thank,
thought, right thought, thinker, thinking, thankful, thanksgiving, thorough detailed, through between, though even so,
throat neck, throughout, thirsty,
health, healthy, ether, ethic, with, both, path, math, myth, oath, south, north, month, earth, youth, fifth, fourth,
sixth, eighth, tenth, ninth, twelfth, thirteen, fiftieth, twentieth, threw, birth, mouth, faith, truth, worth, cloth, width,
within, growth, either, father, brother, tooth, teeth, author, wealth, breath, thrown, gather, worthy, bother, warmth,
worthy, bother, warmth, rather, method, length, smooth, ethnic, rhythm, lethal, arthritis, without, whether, nothing,
weather, clothes, beneath, leather, another, further, neither, monthly, wealthy, athlete, rethink, pathway, rethink, feather,
empathy, earthly, thyroid, atheist, atheism, although, authority, gathering, everything, something, nothing, strength,
northern, thousand, clothing, athletic, sympathy, threaten, withdraw, thriller, southern, catholic, birthday, bathroom,
ruthless, rhythmic, soothing, mythical, mouthful, truthful, otherwise, aesthetic, aftermath, bandwidth, therapist,
pathology, overthrow, penthouse, hundredth, thesaurus, authorize, worthless, mythology, worthwhile,
sweetheart, withdrawal, furthermore, mathematics, grandfather, grandmother, trustworthy, sympathetic, enthusiastic, breakthrough, mathematical, breathtaking, unauthorized, chemotherapy, authorization, physiotherapy,
pg 24
auto, automatic, automatically, though, audio, audit, author, beauty, fault, default, aunt, cause, because,
pause, sauce, August, launch, caught, assault, auditor, caution, laundry, applaud, applause, daughter,
the audience, automate, audition, authoritative, authorization, authority, automatic, automobile, beautiful,
laugh, laughter, daughter, inauguration formal strat introduction, restaurant, bureaucracy, cauliflower,
accidental killing, manslaughter, homicide, murder, unauthorized, stepdaughter.
future, picture, nature, natural, turn, turnover, turning, turkey, Turkey, culture, cultural, mixture, century,
venture, capture, lecture, moisture, creature, downturn, fracture, structure, furniture, signature, sculpture,
recapture, adventure, miniature, premature, prematurity, prematurely,
currency, carry, sorry, error, harry, arrow, narrow, borrow, sherry, mirror, arrive, arrived, arrival, arrives,
arrest, warren, current, married, arrival, warrant, warrier, barrier, corrupt, correct, arrange, terrible,
diarrhea, warranty, tomorrow, corridors, terrific, borrowing, narrative, incorrect, surrender, territory,
terrorist, hurricane, irregular, interrupt, corruption, irritation, strawberry, berries, corrective, arrangement,
surrounding, irresistible, corresponding, embarrassment,
live, life, metaphor, metabolic, metabolism, metaphysics, guideline, online, offline, California, minister,
strains, broadcast, drown, drones, cows, ecosystem, podcast, chat, category, vegetarian, sort by, entrepreneur,
wear, wore past, obvious, absorb,
basics, physics, classic,
pg 25
right, light, sight, might, mighty, bright, weight, eight, eighth, eighty, fight, flight, night, caught, thought,
bought, brought, straight, alright, lightly, insight, tonight, almighty, delight, copyright, fighter, nightmare,
spotlight, airtight, nightclub, lightness,
highlights, upright, rightly, lighter, lighting, daylight, sunlight, moonlight, oversight, lunchtime, gunfight,
nightfall, nightlife, lightning, thought, bought, overbought, watchtower, watertight, bright right, lighthouse,
overweight, eighteenth, ultralight, flashlight, playwright, sightseeing, underweight, farsightedness, nearsighted,
candlelight, breathed, daughter, straightforward,
all, ally, belly, fully, willy, holly, silly, billy, legally, really, wholly, totally, finally, locally, actually, generally,
naturally, hopefully, initially, logically, literally, jellyfish, liberally, basically, virtually, helpfully, federally,
hatefully, financially, especially, originally, personally, eventually, materially, seasonally, skillfully, rightfully,
practically, genetically, occasionally, magically, minimally, medically
positive, active, native, motive, captive, addictive, negative, selective, adaptive, relative, reactive, executive,
objective, sensitive, competitive, protective, collective, alternative, perspective, legislative, interactive,
conservative, constructive,
running, meaning, opening, evening, warning, morning, wining, turning, burning, beginning, reasoning,
learning, training, earning, happening, designing, lightening, concerning, entertaining,
entry, trying, poetry, country, ministry, industry, forestry, registry, infantry, artistry, chemistry, dentistry,
countryside, countrywide, countryman,
pg 26
translator, translation, entrance, transfer, transport, translate, strange, stranger, transition, transcript,
transplant, transistor, transitory, transistor, transparent, transformer, transmitter, transmission,
transparency, transcendence, tranquillity, transformation, transaction, transportation,
form, forms, former, formal, formally, formalize, formalized, formless, performance, deformation,
reformulate, formalization, transformation,
inform, informs, informed, informant, information, informative, informality, informal, informing,
informally, informality, informational, informationally, disinformation, misinformation, uninformed,
format, perform, formula, uniform, conform, reform, format, reformed, reformism performs,
the platform, reformed, freeform, formulate, formality, outperform, uniform, transform, conformable,
the sentence, patented, attendee, attention, intended, attention, attending, sweeten, sentencing,
pretend, content, intent, attend, listen, written, eaten, tenth, often, tense, patent, intent, tenant,
tennise, soften, lighten, insistent, persistent, righten, existing, tension,
credit, creditor, credibility, hundred, insured, shared, insured, shared, hired, fired, tired, wired,
reduce, sacred, assured, centered, reddish, colored, predict, flavored, registered, redirect, required, featured,
tailored, tempered, centered, inspired, answered, redesign, reduced, uncovered, prediction, predicate,
expired, discontent, maintenance, persistence, persistency, enlightenment, existentialism,

pars, parson, parsley
pray, prays, tray, prayer, spray, portray, prayfully, playfulness,
acceptance, affirmation, confession, accept, admit, confirm, yield, indulge, denying,
denial, refusal, rejection, self-denial, excuse, stubbornness, ignored, oppose, negative, pathological liar
pg 27
friend, friendly, ending, spend, send, attend, trend, blend, extend, depend, agenda, defend, defender,
defending, legend, intend, gender, weekend, endless, endorse, suspend, commend, intended, extended,
endeavor, lavender, endpoint, appendix, enduring, endurance, surrender, calendar, blender, pretend,
contend, endgame, attendee, dependent, attendant, dependence, dependable, referendum, comprehend,
independence, recommendation,
pen, open, penny, spend, spent, penal, happen, expend, sharpen, penalty, suspend, pentagon,
penthouse, dependant, repentant, independent, suspension, expenditure, penetrating, inexpensive,
compensation, indispensable,
decisive, massive, passive, abusive, exclusive, inclusive, offensive, expensive, obsessive, impulsive,
intensive, explosive, defensive, impressive, responsive, persuasive, compulsive, successive,
aggressive, progressive, apprehensive,
pg 28
come, comic, income, welcome, computer, comma, comply, become, comedy, common,
compass, compose, combat, combine, commend, comment, commute, commune, comedic,
complete, becoming, compound, incoming, comeback, computer, intercom, unwelcome,
com, comer, comfy, coming, comely, outcome, complex, comfort, compact, compile, commerce,
composed, complain, composer, compress, community, component, recommend, commodity,
communion, committee, complaint, companion, commander, compliant, communism,
the commission, commitment, comparable, compliance, compatible, compelling, commentary,
competitor, compassion, discomfort,
complimentary, commercial, commercialize, commanding, comprehend, compliment,
combustion, compress, WordPress, compensate, compensation, compromise, competence,
complexity, comparison, competition, competitive, comfortable, complicated, composition,
computation, combination, communicate, communication, accommodate, comparative, compression,
the incompetent, shortcoming, computerized, accomplished, incompatible, committee, communicator
commending, uncomfortable, comprehension, compassionate, recommendation, accomplishment,
pg 29
institute, constitute, constitution, destitute, restore, destitute out, substitute, institutes,
please, lease, cease, release, disease, decrease, increase, disease, decreased, release, leaseholder,
peace, peace, peacetime, peaceful, peacefully, peacekeeper, peacemaker,
easy, ease, easily, please, pleasing, pleasure, easygoing, pleasurable, pleasance,
season, preseason, seasonally, ideas, lease, peas, teas, east, eastern, least, cease, feast, uneasy,
breast, release, eastern, disease, measure, leasing, increasing, decreasing, decreased,
measured, treasure, leaseback, reasoning, leaseholder, eastbound, speakeasy, displease,
remeasure, reasonable, breastfeed, unmeasured, unmeasured, displease, seasickness, brainteaser,
immearurable, unseasonable, unseasonable,
angle, single, jungle, mingle, triangle, rectangle, understandingly, sunglass, sunglasses, glass,
accordingly, meaningless, exceedingly, eagle, burglary, fiberglass,
gland, glass, glasses, gloom, glance, glacier, glaze, glossary, eyeglass, glassware, glasshouse,
money, finance, financial, economy, monetary, earning, return, income, gain, profit,
spend, spent, spending, spends, to payout, expense, expenses, expenditure, statement, deposit, down payment, deposits, advance, refundable, deposit,
report, description, explanation, avalanche, perennial, plant, biennial,
health, healing, health care, life-spans, preventing disease, cleanliness, breath, purity, droplet, liquid, alcohol,
, soap, shampoo, sponge, cloth, hygienic, hygiene, disinfection, disinfected,
sanitizer, hand sanitizer, 99.99 at 30 seconds, sanitized, sanitation, sanitary, neutralize,
inhibit, microorganism, backchannel, disposal, recycling, waste, diarrhea, sterilized,
dirt-free, germ-free, sterility, infectious, bacteria, toilet, washroom, W.U.C., tissue,
parasite, germs, coughing, sneezing, spread, epidemics, pandemic,
human excreta, sewage, catastrophic, vaccine, urine, feces, disposed, dirtiness, filth,
uncleanliness, garbage, contaminated, clean, cleaner
pg 30
use, user, used, reuse, useful, user name, overuse, useless, misuse, unused, abuse, cause, because,
house, pause, museum, excuse, refuse,
greenhouse, lighthouse, farmhouse, housewife, warehouse, housework, household, playhouse,
housekeeping, housekeeper, coffeehouse, summerhouse, housecleaner, clearinghouse,
accuse, accused, spouse, clause, confuse, confused, applause, amusement,
late, later, latest, lately, plate, dilate, relate, relation, dilated, isolated, violated, simulated,
escalated, populated, template, regulated, stimulated, formulated, circulated, legislated,
correlated, congratulate, chocolate, translate, calculate, calculated, manipulate, talent,
deregulated, collateral, contemplate, recalculate,
violinist, violin, violet, savior, savior, obvious, violent, violence, violation, violating, behavior, previous,
contact, control, second, content, confuse, condo, icon, iconic, condom, convert, contest, consent,
conquest, console, consult, conceive, configure, concept, confirm, concert, consist, concise, constitution,
reconciliation, teleconference, concentration, configuration, controversy, convenience, context,
concentration, contain, economy, economic, contract, consider, conflict, contrary, confuse, secondary,
continue, continuously, continuum, consumer, congress, conclude, convince, condition,
connect, connected, container, conservative, constitution, confirmation, consistency, conditional,
construction, contribution, considering, consumption, consequence,
vary, variable differs, different, difference, unlike, not similar, different number,
dissimilarity, distinction, opposed,
doubt, distrust, douting, suspicion, uncertainty, not sure, no confidence, not honest, not right, not true,
fear, worry, no decision, ambiguity,
e E
pendis, age, mate, aire, Bible, able, ate, like, tive, mine, lize, line, ture, ance, hence,
sure, ute, ice, bine, rse
be, me, we, he, re, one, the, age, eye, lie, sue, ate, are, see, use, due, joe, fee, ice, ace, eve, bye,
time, have, more, made, take, come, home, five, line, able, free, site, once, name, wide, role,
were, some, like, make, here, same, life, came, life, came, give, date, care, live, move, side, done,
late, wire, base, game, nine, sale, gave, hope, edge, fire, wife, blue, core, voice, save, huge,
note, else, type, sure, true, size, love, safe, page, gone, fine, rose, rise, code, file, none, race, vote,
lose, ease, pace, tape, mile, mode, wine, lane, pure, wake, these, nice, mine, tree, huge, mike,
male, lake, rare, hole, wave, zone, tone, ride, gate, wage, bone, close, trade, whose, white, force,
sense, drive, leave, scale, these, those, there, where, three, tree, while, white, whole, state, place, value,
house, price, above, voice, issue, quite, space, stage, table, alone, serve, since, large, range, share,
course, write, wrote, style, phone, store, story, raise, guide, prove, agree, route, cycle, grade, spoke,
prime, aware, piece, stone, score, chose, dance, movie, alive, taste, smile, grace, prize,
please, peace, peace, quite, maybe, suite, scene, broke, close, little, twice, shape, waste, judge,
crime, worse, scope, lease, theme, noise, abuse, drove, acute, pride, usage, stake, nurse,
frame, solve, apple, arise, plane, plate, hence, horse, aside, false, argue, smoke, blame, change,
little, figure, degree, anyone, middle, simple, minute, twelve, remote, handle, volume
secure, frame, advice, people. future, office, course, unique, enable, become, became,
angle, single, police, reduce, inside, entire, square, estate, couple, notice, league, damage,
unable, battle, unlike, entire, doable, engine, device, update, mobile, stable, desire, decade,
sample, strike, relate, orange, module, escape, marine, arrive, issue, tissue, castle, place,
emerge, rescue, advice, beside, server, remove, circle, avenue, pursue, define, prince, empire,
bottle, mature, engage, settle, phrase, regime, ignore, senate, outside, picture, college,
failure, someone, disease, involve, surface, feature, muscle, package, article, machine, advance,
venture, welcome, storage, vehicle, enhance, fortune, acquire, replace, absence, outcome,
massive, prepare, operate, expense, village, decline, trouble, capable,
service, provide, website, believer, example, balance, receive, achieve, private, produce,
revenue, science, require, quite, culture, purpose, finance, improve, assume, debate, vote,
the message, ensure, active, please, decide, charge, nature, income, choose, create, manage,
chance, choice, native, coffee, online,
pg 32
restore, promote, justice, payable, profile, realize, reserve, promise, imagine, diverse,
theater, explore, capture, intense, routine, passage, precise, visible, silence, resolve,
genuine, diverse, examine, extreme, combine, compare, valuable, supreme, survive,
reverse, offense, mistake, purpose, suppose, defense, upgrade, close, closer, closing,
mixture, license, continue, practice, positive, exercise, audience, alliance, negative,
resource, anywhere, accurate, relative, indicate, exposure, opposite, struggle,
irregular, variable, changing, violence, pleasure, possible, increase, language, purchase,
exchange, evidence, pressure, magazine, software, complete, response, everyone,
separate, multiple, distance, database, employee, mortgage, generate, marriage,
describe, adequate, hardware, reliable, coverage, flexible, coverage, decrease,
guidance, schedule, creative, medicine, surprise, attitude, ultimate, announce,
reliable, overcome, sequence, evaluate, terrible, lifetime, moderate, universe,
province, collapses, pipeline, offshore, shortage, advocate, organize, intimate,
maximize, likewise, preserve, leverage, absolute, concrete, heritage, eligible,
entrance, portable, preserve, dialogue, leverage, conclude, wildlife, deadline,
syndrome, convincing, meantime, convenience, portable, persuade, dialogue,
conclude, wildlife, preventive, sensible, comprise, tangible, envelope, introduce,
sensitive, somewhere, available, executive, knowledge, effective, corporate, advantage,
telephone, otherwise, reference, institute, immediate, determine, principle,
encourage, elsewhere, committee, structure, insurance, worldwide, expertise,
influence, expensive, exclusive, interface, discharge, cigarette, outsource,
landscape, celebrate, furniture, undertake, intensive, statewide, eliminate, alongside,
lifestyle, aerospace, appreciate, meanwhile, procedure, assurance,
programme, uk, program, us
candidate, satellite, integrate, substance, departure, offensive, discourse, explosive,
warehouse, defensive, narrative, experience, decision, desirable, residence, negotiate,
selective, narrative, chocolate, magnitude, outsource, detective, detailed, elaborate,
deliberate, composite, clearance, stimulate, sacrifice, intuitive, tolerance, colleague,
reinforce, prototype, conference, difference, confidence, acceptance, assistance, discipline,
atmosphere, accessible, reasonable, institution, institute, constitute, literature, existence,
the sentence, calculate, guarantee, pleasure, signature, technique, recognize, adventure,
customize, allowance, emergence, relevance, privilege,

supper, supply, support, suppose, supplement,
superb, superior, superman, superstar, supervisor, supervise, supervision, supreb,
superstore, supersize, superpower, superhuman, supermarket, supernatural, superhighway,
supercomputer, superintend, sophisticated,
hobby, lobby, bobby, rubbery, cabbage, rubbish, rubber, rubbing, stubborn,
the abbreviation, abbreviate,
pub, publi
public, republic, pups, publish, republish, publicity, publicize, unpublished,
publicizing, publishable, publication,
Canada, cantaloup, can, cannot, cancel, candy, cane, scan, canal, condom,
cancer, anticancer, candle, vacant, canopy, scanner, scandal, vacancy, cannabis,
candidate, applicant, republican, candlelight, significant, candlestick,
cancelation, cancellation, canceling,
eve, even, ever, every, seventh, seventy, eleven, eleventh, seven, fever, level, event,
reveal, uneven, however, believe, relieve, revenue, reverse, forever, several, whoever,
everyone, whatever, every day, leverage, eventually, prevention, reliever, beverage,
whoever, eventually, retrieve, severity, reversal, whenever, eventful, revealing, everybody,
seventeen, whichever, evergreen, breakeven, redevelop, everything, everywhere, reversal,
reversible, multilevel, irreversible, revelation, reversibility, everlasting,

multiple, multiplay, multimedia, multitasking, multilevel, multiuser, multitude, multiphase,
multistory, multigrain, multifamily, multiplayer, multiservice, multilingual, multimillion,
multicolor, multivitamin, multinational, multicultural, multifunction, multitalented,
multifunctional, multiprocessor,
pure, purpose, pursuit, purchase, purity, purify, purse, pursue, purple, purchasable, purposeless
pope, pollution, popular, populism, popularity, poppet, popcorn, unpopular,
overpopulation, unpopulated
pg 34
chick, chicken, kit, kitchen, first aid kit, ,,,, unchecked, checklist, checkout, backyard, playback,
comeback, stockholder, aftershock, pocketbook,
pack, jack, back, rock, lock, lack, pick, neck, luck, kick, stock, quick, stick, lucky, thick, rocky,
snack, black, check, shock, stuck, crack, knock, chick, picked, pocket, packed, backup, rocket,
unlock, locker, nickel, ticket, ticker, backed, jacket, hockey, bucket, picking, packing,
package, chicken, fucking, licking, peacock, backstage, horseback, unchecked,
checkbook, overstock, flashback, roadblock, truckload, clockwork, sickening, stockpile,
skyrocket, clockwise, blackmail, crackdown, leaseback, thickness, background,
checkpoint, blackboard, thickening, acknowledge,
import, export, sport,
airport, seaport, important, deport, bottle depot, support, portion, portfolio, transport, support,
supporter, supportive, opportunity, unreported, opportunities, report, importance, department,
importation, unsupported, supportable, exportation, sportswriter, deportation, unimportation,
apps, happy, upper, apply, apple, supply, appeal, appear, happen, oppose, floppy, support,
appearance, pepper, support, applied, approve, suppose, shopper, approach, approval,
shipping, opponent, pineapple, appetizer, appealing, appraised, appliance, appendix, wrapping,
applause, appetite, dripping, slippery, opposite, opposition, opportunity, application,
appointment, appreciation, disappointed, apprehension, apprehensive, ,

antique, antivirus, antitrust, antiwar, antibody, antidote, anticipate, antibiotic
antifreeze, antioxidant, antipoverty
antidepressant, anticipation, antiaircraft, antianxiety, antimissile,

+pg 35
fun, run, sun, unit, union, tune, found, young, gun, hunt, junk, tuna, unto, under, until, round,
sound, pound, lunch, funny, until, wound, begun, count, bound, mount, uncle, return, repay, takeback, refunding, refundable, refunded, refunds, refund, understood, accounting, abundance, unlimited, abundant, amount, drunk, ounce, around, unless, unable, junior, tunnel, runner, sunset, jungle, unlock, united, country, county, unique, unlike, launch, hungry, hunter, unpaid, unrest, unsure, country, counting, account, counter, accounting, accountant, hundred, fortune, unusual, hunting, runner, founder, counter, uniform, unaware, uncover, function, mountain, announce, pronounce, pronunciation,
the universe, university, anniversary, profound, sunlight, surround, immunity, foundation, unreliable, announcement,
unrestricted, unauthorized, unlimited, abundant, discount, compound, unlawful, stunning, junction, unwanted,
uncertain, volunteer, volume, unlimited, municipal, fortunate, communist, communion, immunity,
unpopular, accounting, unexpected, punishment, unemployed, understand, underlying, accountant,
families, unfamiliar, turnaround, unresolved, unemployment, unacceptable, surrounding,
king, ring, wing, being, doing, going, thing, bring, owing, aging, during, making, taking, trying,
saying, spring, rising, facing, timing, flying, singing, loving, boring, eating, single, coming, living,
moving, seeing, losing, saving, ruling, riding, running, morning, writing, helping, waiting, wait, nothing,
winning, reading, calling, serve, serving, cutting, closing, sitting, telling, hearing, building, anything,

volume, volunteer, evolution, voluntary, revolution, revolutionary, revolutionize, revolutionizer
default, fault, faulty, faultless, assault, assaulters
tax, taxes, taxable, taxation, taxpayer, taxis, taxi.
text, texts, context, textile, fabric, cloth, texture, feeling, a touch of surface,
task, tasking, task, email, tasks, text, SMS, send, message,

microcosmic, macroeconomic,
microbe, microwave, microchip, microphone, microscopic, microsecond, micromanagement
vital, lively, basic, essential, crucial, key, need, necessary, fundamental, energetic, spirited, active,
entrepreneur, entity, security, debt, issued, awful, misery, miserable,

pg 36
blog, weblog, logic, login, dialog, logical, apology, analog, slogan, logger, biology,
backlog, logging, ecology, catalog, dialogue, theology, ideology, logistic, kilogram,
logistics, pathology, radiology, sociology, apologize, technology, biological, physiology

online, byline, lineup, decline, outline, airline, offline, pipeline, inclined, timeline, lifeline,
holiness, coastline, underline, frontline, guideline, masculine, discipline, borderline

retail, detail, detailed, retaining, mineral, horsetail, tailor, tailored, cocktail,
musician, magician, physician, technician, politician, beautician, electrician,
academicians, mathematician,
image, imagine, magic, magical, magnets, magnetic, magnet, magnate, magician,
magnet, magnetized, magnify, magnetism, magnesium, magazine, magnitude, imaginary,
magnifier, magnificent, electromagnetic,

logistic, logistics, ideologist, biologist, psychologist,
oath, vow, swearing, swear, swear word, asure, declare, offensive, fuck, f-word, b-word, bastard, f-word,
vow, swear, firm, committed, genuine, honest, sworn past, solemn, serious, earnest, sincere, courtly, stately,

ok, o.k., oky, okay, okays, okayed, okaying, ok”ing, all correct,
idea, thought, position, feeling, a matter of opinion debatable open to question, attitude or appraisal,
, judgment or believe not by reason or proof or truth or certainty
the score, order, result, a record of points, number of points, earned for right, correct, success,
grade, level, high, goal
envelope, greek, Paris, France, employee, employer, mortgage, franchise, clouds, insurance, furniture,
warehouse, doubt, debt, equal, path, president, side, preside, unique, detailed, describe, retail,
pg 37
guide, guidance, guiding, guideline, guidebook, guide ship,
guard, guarded, guardian, guardianship,
guaranties, guarantee, guarantor, guaranty, guaranteed, guaranteeing,
warrant, warrany, warrantee, warrantor, warranties, warranters, warranted, warrior, warrior, warrantless,
war, warrior, warriors,
gun, gunpoint, gunpowder, gunfight, gunman, gunfire, gunshot, gunfighting,
gulf, gut, guitar, guy, guru, guilt, guilty, argue, figure, tongue, guess visitors, guest predict,
guesthouse, August,
save, avenue, average, have, save, gave, cave, wave, pave, leave, grave, brave, slave, shave,
weave, behave, microwave, shortwave, forgave, heavenly, heaven, shave, travel, beaver, traveler,
bravery, slavery, lavender,
story, history, victory, factory, introductory, satisfactory, inventory, territory, directory, mandatory,
glory, theory, sensory, advisory, accessory,
listen, listening, realist, to do list, checklist, shopping list, priority list, top 10 list, best 100 lists,
cyclist, novelist, populist, holistic, finalist, panelist, loyalist, idealist, waiting list, medalist,
playlist, vocalist, realistic, socialist, herbalist, ballistic, capitalist, naturalist, generalist,
federalist, evangelist, idealist, idealistic, journalist, memorialist,
fundamentalist, socialist, industrialist, individualist, anticapitalist
biography, autobiography, bioactive, biology, biopsy, bionics, biogenic, probiotic, antibiotic,
biological, macrobiotic, microbiology, biochemistry, biodiversity,
galaxy, galaxies, numerous, large-scale, aggregate, gas and dust, solar masses, ranging, diameter,
assembly, glamorous, astronomy,
strict, literal, interpretation of scripture, advocating, snooping, to find up about someone or somethings
page 38
ticket, ticklish, optic, optical, erotic, mystic, critic, poetic, biotic, exotic, plastic, generic, politics,
drastic, domestic, artistic, diabetic, gigantic, dramatic, romantic,
cosmetic, analytic, majestic, hypnotic, magnetic, athletic, holistic, aromatic, phonetic,
automatic, energetic, realistic, aesthetic, statistic, ballistic, fantastic, psychotic, democratic,
linguistic, idealistic, systematic, antibiotic, futuristic, apologetic, participation, charismatic,
enthusiastic, characteristic, problematic,
stick, stich, notic, sticky, article, justice, optical, tactics, sticker, practice, particle,
critical, tactical, lipstick, mystical, genetic, vertical, criticism, identical,
charter, chart, charted, charity, lie, chaiot, uncharted, charlotte,
charm, charmed, character, characteristic, charisma, charsmatic, charity, charitable,
charge, charger, recharger, recharge, discharge, surcharge, overcharge, supercharge, chargeable,
belt, below, belly, belief, believe, bellow, belong, belonging, beloved, believable, doorbell,
dumbell, disbelief, unbelievable,
hotel, motel, lately, teller, cartel, telling, telecast, teleport,
teleconference, teleportation, telephone, telephony, television, telemarketing, telegraph, tasteless,
telepathy, telescope, satellite, wasteland, intellectualism, lize, intellect, collect, select, intelligent,
unintelligent, intelligence, intelligible, intellectual, interstellar, absolutely, ultimately, televangelist,
type, typist, typical, typewriter, typewriting, stereotype,
flex, telex, reflex, duplex, complex, simplex, flexible, multiplex, complexity, reflexology
encyclopedia, encyclopedic, cyclopedia,
cycle, bicycle, cycling, motorcycle, recycle,
valueable, available,

pg 39
is, as, us, so, was, his, she, sum, wis, its, see, has, ass, spy, shy, sub, ash, sue, use, say, saw, ask,
gas, sea, sex, bus, yes, sun, son, sky, sir, sit, six, set, nose, snow, sick, disk, wash, sole, push, ship,
skin, ease, seat, spot, slow, rush, soul, soil, song, salt, suit, safe, soft, busy, self, cast, fish, shut, seek,
shot, task, star, pass, wish, sort, sent, stay, post, past, sell, rest, lose, host, miss, shop, seem, goes,
step, stop, rose, save, sign, send, rise, rose, raise, user, plus, ways, size, test, base, east, cash, else,
risk, west, show, case, less, past, site, side, loss, post, abuse, aside, sixth, best, news, seen, easy,
sure, list, sale, sold, soon, mass, less, does, used, such, also, some, this, said, just, most, last,
must, same, cost, aside, sleep, steel, worst, split, horse, smile, taste,waste, chose, sight, lease,
sharp, score, texas, usual, split, spoke, sport, smart, horse, noise, sorry, skill, solve, stuff, exist, links,
suits, waste, fresh, coast, gross, sheet, raise, phase, phrase, stand, scale, style, cross, store, story, spend,
taxes, solid, asset, glass, class, stood, shape, worse, stone, shift, least, serve, shown, trust, music, stage,
basic, space, stage, music, sound, speak, lives, spent, speed, focus, story, sense, issue, seven, study,
short, close, tart, press, house, since, still, silver, server, sample, crisis, stable, forest, time, visit, these,
artist, switch, watch, catch, pitch, match, covers, secret, finish, mostly, server, museum, leaves, visual,
excess, sister, closer, sought, custom, losing, street, stress, sexual, strike, signal, search, secure, famous,
spirit, symbol, speech, spread, studio, myself, chosen, listen, master, useful, rising, select, seeing,
screen, island, spring, vision, choose, unless, survey, estate, signed, closed, sector, square, status,
studied, answer, safety, summer, August, season, inside, saying, latest, easily, simple, source,
second, result, always, please, single, design, series, person, itself, ensure, supply, possible, position,
senior, social, almost, access, across, system, precise, reverse, survive, succeed, success, access,
the decision, accused, deposit, clothes, surgery, process, website, solution, increase, software,
businesses, industry, interest, position,

pg 40
ware, aware, swear pst, software, hardware, shareware, warehouse, kitchenware, freeware,
cookware, be aware, be aware, beware, unaware, careful, caution, underwear, dishware,
bakeware, ironware, ovenware, glassware, manufactured, products art or craft merchandise
fabric textile, cargo, load, stuff, across,

c, ch, k,
can, cup, act, cut, ice, doc, car, cow, cat, coca, clue, epic, chef, cart, cola, clip, buck, cage, cole,
chin, scan, deck, school, coin, icon, clay, corn, coat, dick, luck, scope, inch, kick, lock, rice, chat,
disc, calm, cure, cake, sick, fuel, coal, mineral, acid, neck, camp, chip, cheap, cast, pick, rock, change,
nice, card, cord rope string electrical wire cable power cord, lack, core, jack, cook, c

ch, back, each, cost, city, case, once, lack, club, face, care, fact, call, came, such, crazy,
climb, craft, chase, second, peace, actor, click, chest, cream, exact, chose, pitch, scope,
score, cycle, scene, chair, block, coach, crime, cable, count, catch, crowd, lunch, stick, thick,
thick, touch, chain, china, occur, scale, black, become, force, focus, music, cover, space, basic,
child, reach, track, cross, carry, check, quick, civil, twice, coast, clean, court, calif, could, since,
march, chief, child, clear, close, actual, office, stock, cause, local, recall, exceed, ticket, prince,
camera, circle, backed, object, close, facing, crisis, escape, victim, column, cannot, source,
country, impact, police, reduce, closed, couple, direct, policy, common, notice, secret, center,
excess, picked, coffee, custom, legacy, galaxy, except, secure, agency, career, client, sector,
charge, except, create, become, choice, credit, chance, active, church, effect, social, record,
recent, access, plastic, capture, project, subject, officer, medicine, country, central, century,
society, section, current, include, science, perfect, reflect, webcast, concern, traffic, channel,
culture, college, content, decided, discuss, pacific, correct, carrier,
success, content, contact, process, finance, product, Capitan, capital, account, balance,
company, service, control, certain, income, price, luck, cash, acting, crown, teach, peace,
class, voice, place, piece of cake, peace, economy, currency, action, effect, receive, achieve,
expect, coming, course
pg 41
off, iff, offer, office, staff, stuff, stiff, sniff, bluff, cliff, effect, affect, effort, afford, offset,
buffer, buffer, buffet, affirm, coffee, suffer, affair, offend, layoff, payoff, playoff, offline,
traffic, land off, offring, official, offshore, difference, different, difficult, affiliate,
affective, suffering, offensive, difficulty, efficient, affordable
guest, visitor, guess prediction, vogue style, rogue deceitful, argue discution, vague unclear,
league leg organization, colleague coworker, ideologue,
tongue, language, dialect, speech, verbal, lang, langue, dialogue, monologue,
guerrilla, plague plag, fatigue fatik
message, messanger, messmerize, hupnosise, fascinate, fascinated, fascinating,
liberty, mess disorder,
mission, promis, optimism, admission, intermission, permission, emission, chemistry,
economist, missionary,
failure, miscarry, misery, mistake, misunderstand, mistress, missing, missile, mislead,
dismiss, ignore, reject, putout, release, discharge, dissolve, mismatch,
commissionaires, messenger, passenger, challenge, unmistakable, transmission, miserable,
misguided, exremist, pessimistic, misguided, pessimism, misleading, submission,
misfortune, misspelling

engine, engineer, engineering, engage, engaged, engaged, engagement, English,
dictionary, thesaurus, acronyms, abbreviation, rhythms retims, music,
mnemonics ni monics, chunking, rhyming, ryming
time, limes, homes, comes, dimes, games,
potenial,ly, capacity, possibility prospect, probable, loan, secured collateral ke-later el
access, accessories, accessory, accessible, accessed,
success, successful, successfully, unsuccessful, inaccessible, accessibilities,
result of the change, attempt, trying, enough
muck, lie, cheat
pg 42
system of signals, symbols, letters, words, numbers, commands, rules, instruction,
laws, principles, coding, system, messages, instruction, transmitting, secrecy, access code,
genetic, code, dress code, typed dialed, spoken, wtite, digits, encode, bar code,
universal product code, mark, tag, label, bar code, postal code, postcode, zip, code, zip,
morse code, computer code, coding software,
mnemonics [ ni-mon-iks] mnomotechnics]
the process or the technique of improving or developing memory assisting a
code consisting of abbreviated instruction
MEd, med
mater degree is an academic degree higher than a bachelor’s, degree but lower than doctor’s degree

miter = joint, angles
meter us, metre uk, metric
mater = mother
mater, material, stuff, substance, subject, events,
as a matter of fact,
no matter what regardless of cost result or crosenquence
what’s the matter
decimal point. dot, end,
point = period, opinion, pinoint, spot, ribbon, tagged, unit, mark, aim, height, goal, attribution, attraction, characteristic, attraction, scoring, measuring value, award, true, truthful, raising, importand , point, matter

pg 43

yes, ya, you, yet, your, year, yard, y\oga, young, youth, yours, yummy, yeast, yahoo, yellow,
yogurt, yearly, yield, youthful, yesterday, yourselves, youthfulness,
ray, fly, dry, try, pay, day, why, any, cry, toy, sky, guy, boy, buy, key, say, way, may, my, say, hey,
shy, joy,
easy, play, copy, busy, only, many, okay, they, very, city, body, away, stay, baby, tiny, jury, jury,
army, duty, vary, rely on, lady, navy, holy, gray, deny, pray, ally, today, early, party, fully, pony,
obey, ugly, envy, lazy, tray, sorry, harry, heavy, empty, angry, enemy, dirty, risky
penny, money, every, study, daily, ready, carry, apply, entry, truly, lucky, reply, holly, spray,
glory, lobby, marry, rally, unity, mercy, sunny, belly, handly, family, really, likely, energy, country,
easily, agency, mainly, anyway, mainly, anyway, fairly, mostly, weekly, policy, nearly, simply,
supply, safety, valley, survey, equity, theory, merely, injury, hardly, deputy, plenty, treasury,
really, likely, energy, county, easily, agency, twenty, beauty, timely, lovely, namely, hungry,
therapy, remedy, comedy, lively, poorly, worthy, bloody, turkey, Turkey, salary, costly,
solely, surely, party, nearly, priority, largely, galaxy, healthy, wealth, finally, notify, lately,
yearly, sticky, tricky, sticky, hereby, speedy, purity, verity, victory, totally, factory, surgery,
elderly, readily, anybody, journey, heavily, shortly, summary, holiday, reality, display,
identity, identify, currency, academy, charity, injuries, injury, penalty, battery, factory,
mystery, ideally, custody, fantasy, privacy, destroy, tragedy, poverty, loyalty, density, jointly,
highway, society, justify, clarity, anxiety, society, destiny, library, primary, variety, history,
liberty, country, already, friendly, newly, enjoy, happy, story, honey, dairy, repay, wholly, pretty,
memory, company, quality, ability, century, economy, exactly, qualify, satisfy,
pg 44
humanity, property, slightly, ceremony, monetary, literacy, tendency, casually, boundary,
equality, effective, simplify, literacy, severity, velocity, honestly, theology, maturity,
mobility, attorney, quantity, contrary, secondly, ideology, warranty, sympathy, monopoly,
courtesy, publicity, instantly, inventory, ideology, morality, fidelity, pharmacy, intimacy,
multiply, antibody, terribly, scarcely, geometry, burglary, classify, humidity, monarchy,
symphony, forestry, toxicity, registry, entirely, vitality, rosemary, culinary, slippery,
infinity, refinery, biography, chemistry, directory, democracy, emergency, community,
necessary, necessity, authority, generally, certainly, primary, virtually, secondary, frequency,
quarterly, voluntary, integrity, secretary, liability, discovery, temporary, stability, territory,
precisely, diversity, machinery, liquidity, mandatory, customary, testimony, legendary,
occupancy, literally, presently, commodity, geography, biography, pregnancy, accompany,
celebrity, curiosity, hostility, fertility, telephony, imaginary, mentality, imaginary, mentality,
ingenuity, mythology, visionary, scholarly, diplomacy, laboratory, capability, repeatedly,
simplicity, technology, relatively, efficiency, difficulty, presidency, prosperity, absolutely,
materially, complexity, popularity, visibility, continuity, continuity, visibility, continuity,
deficiency, cautionary, similarity, missionary, stationary, expectancy, repository, solidarity,
dependency, conspiracy, vocabulary, dictionary, carbohydrate, conservation, philanthropy,
universality, aromatherapy, municipality, opportunity, effectively, necessarily, uncertainty,
anniversary, hospitality, consistency, c credibility, immediately, respectively, productivity,
unemployment, occasionally, connectivity, introductory, contemporary, consequently,
disciplinary, transparency, authenticity, bibliography,
eye, type, style, royal, cycle, beyond, dynamic, typical, analyses, physical, employee,
analytical, dysfunction,
page 45
the, they, then, than, them, there, their, theory, this, these, thereby, theater, therefore,
therapist, themselves, theatrical,
other, either, mother, father, brother, theory, bother, rather, gather, another, whether, weather,
clothes, leather, further, neither, theatre, therapy, together, northern, southern, theology,
otherwise, furthermore, theoretical, mathematical, mathematical, mathematic, grandmother,
health, healthy, health, healthful, healthily, healthier, unhealthy, healthiest, healthfully,
healthiness, healthfulness,
wealth, wealthy, wealths, wealthiest, wealthiest, wealthiness, wealthinesses
adulthood, although,
healthy, wealthy, sympathy, worthy, telepathy,
revelation, foresight, sixth sense, brainwave, brainstorm, telepathy, vision, awareness,
impression, inspiration, realization, cognitive, perception,
Generation, intuitive, other, than, sense, intuition, instinct, insight, sympathy,
wish, selfish, fish, finish, bishop, stylish, flourish, foolish, childish, goldfish, diminish,
greenish, English, Spanish, publish, publisher, republish, accomplish, furnish, establish,
distinguish, demolish, polish, refurbish, refresh, restore, recreate, recondition, cleanup,
repair, renew, regenerate,
fully, totally, completely, entirely, quite, wholly, blossom, flash, rush, rupture, explosion, expression,
page 46
we, way, win, who, why was, wet, won, web, will, war, with, well, work, week, wide, wire, wife,
wind, wild, weak, wash, wake, went,
new, now, raw, how, few, saw, law, narrow, shadow, follow, fellow, yellow, borrow, nephew,
pillow, sorrow, low, cow, know, view, grow, draw, blow, brow, chew, show, know, flow, slow,
drew, snow, allow, throw, arrow, below, window, interview, preview, review, renew, screw,
bestow, eyebrow, tomorrow, worldview,
two, own, down, away, power, aware, award, reward, toward, shown, twice, drawn, crowd,
known, lower, brown, grown, tower, sweet, between, swimming, trustworthy,
always, growth, answer, twenty, software, unlawful, screwdriver, overwhelming,

word. writer, words, rewrite, review, west, wall, wood, wear, wave, wine, wing, weed, wipe,
wary, wolf, wore, walnut, wonder,
the weapon, window, waiter, waiver, winger, wedding, warming, allowance, waterproof,
wilderness, wastewater, waterfront, workaholic, wish, wait, want, walk, warm, wage, wise,
within, weight, wealth, worthy, wizard, walker, wisdom, work, worker, winter, winner, weekly,
wallet, winning, waiting, willing, wearing, warrant, working,
what, why, where, when, who, whoever, whos, washing, withness, whom, which,
while, wheel, white, whole, wheat, wholly, whether, whereby, whatever, whenever, wherever,
wholesale, wholesome, whichever, whirlpool, whatsoever, whorehouse, whereabouts,
meanwhile, overwhelm, elsewhere, worthwhile, without, weather, worship,
Welcome to wellness, wireless, weakness, withdrew, withdraw, wrapping, watchful, waitress,
whipping, worldwide, wonderful, workplace, wrestling, watershed, wondering, withdrawn,
wallpaper, worthless,
page 47
pro, pay, pen, pub, put, move, par, pin, pot, mj, pie, pop, per, part, plan, paid, page, plus,
pass, pick, pool, port, push, peak, pink, palm, pope, prize, photo, play, park, post, pace, pure,
pack, past, pool, path, pain, pair, pull, poet, pray, prey, pose, pond, pity, pork, pump, pale, poem,
poker, pedal, medal,, penal, period, plane, print, peace, point, power, press, price, phone, plant,
prior, phase, phrases, pilot, pride, paint, piano, panic, pulse, plaza, purse, patio, puppy, probe,
pause, pizza, prose, paste, peach, polish, poster, pretty, airplane, print, peace, point, power, press,
price, phone, plant, prior, profit, person, please, prayer, pager, plump, plead, people, policy, police,
public, player, parent, picked, pursue, prefer, prince, permit, palace, planet, poetry, praise, packet,
pocket, patent, partly, proper, parade, puzzle, purpose, pencil, postal, priest, powder, prompt,
pepper, purity, polite, pillow, petrol, primer, prime, premier, payout, pastor, punish, pardon,
provide, private, problem, present, program, popular, partner, patient, package, prevent, pacific,
pattern, parking, publicity, promote, profit,
pointed, process, product, project, perhaps, primary, produce, percent, payment, picture, protect,
premier, perform, payable, promise, passing, portion, pointed, plastic, premium, prepare, predict,
precise, poverty, paragram, proceed, protest, painted, privacy, painful, pursuit, propose, pension,
passage, protein, passion, pushing, penalty, pointer, picking, printer, publisher, passive, possess,
payroll, painter, promise, posture, persist, prevail, paradox, proceeding,
promotion, perfectly, publisher, placebo, penguin, poultry, pointer, presale, prophet, packing,
preview, pretend, pathway,
peasant, pyramid, postage, prosper, pottery, pitcher, preface, paramount, prototype, possessed,
primitive, phenomena, pregnancy, petroleum, physician, present, privilege,
president, providing, provision, primary, practical, professor, procedure, passenger, packaging,
potential, political, principal, personnel, portfolio, principle, permanent, program, precisely,
precise, processor, promising, placement
page 48
production, population, percentage, permission, personally, productivity, perception, particular,
protection, philosophy, profitable, prevention, profession, parliament, possession, preference,
psychology, photography, punishment, persistent, proceeding, prosperity, prediction, politician,
programmed, playground, pacemaker, persuasive, plantation, passionate, projection, privileged,
presidency, propaganda, preventive, perfection, performance, possibility, participate, preparation,
prospective, publication, personality, photography, probability, professional, productivity,
prescription, photographic, postgraduate, purification, preferential, preventative,
tip, map, top, cup, gap, dip, pop, tap, hip, zip, help, stop, deep, drop, ship, camp, soap, soup, lamp,
dump, skip, lump, pump, jump, chip, keep, step, shop, trip, skip, jeep, group, sleep, stamp, sweep,
cheap, sharp, bishop, backup, pickup, laptop, lookup, lineup, makeup, ketchup, matchup, nonstop,
cleanup, buildup, regroup, makeup, envelope, develop, desktop, worship, checkup, breakup, rooftop,
workshop, bookshop, starship, ownership, fingertip, spaceship, microchip, leadership, friendship,
readership, dealership, countertop, barbershop, penmanship, membership, remember, archbishop,
censorship, citizenship, scholarship, relationship, championship, companionship,
depot, spray, spare, alpha, spell, opera, cope, spin, tape, hope, spot, kept, type, open, copy, app, pea, pup, put, happy, apart, topic, upset, reply, adapt, super, apple, empty, sport, scope, spoke, split, shape, spend, apply, paper, space, speed, spent, speak, repaid, depth, empty
properly, approach, hospital, campaign, multiple, multiply, emphasis, approval, superior, separate, expertise, transport, represent, enterprise, disappointed,
super, people, report, impact, spread, appear, except, simply, expect, depend, export, repeat, copper, spoken, employ, empire, repair, example, popular, chapter, helping, explain, replace, respond, typical, capable
page, 49
English words with silent letters,
page 50


page 51

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page 55
absorb, absent, absence, absentee, abssentence, absolute, absolutely, abstract, absorbent, abstraction,
and, any, anew, angry, anger, angle, ankle. annal, annual, animal, anyone, anthem, anyway, anchor,
analog, anyhow, another, analyze, ancestor, ancient, antenna, announce, anxiety, anxious, antique,
anatomy, animated, annoying, announcement, anonymous, analytics, animation, antivirus,
antibiotics, anesthesia, anticipate, anniversary, anticipation,
acid, acids, acidic, acidified,
ad, add, ads, adit, adult, adopt, admit, adept, adore, advice, advise, admire, admiral,
addict, addicted, addiction, address, adverb, adverse, adaptor, addresses, adventure, advance,
advanced, adviser, advised, adequate, advocate, addition, adjust, adjustment, advisory,
advantage, advertise, advertisement, advertising, advertising, admission, adventure,
administrator, administer, administration, administrating, admin, administrate,
admitted, adventurous, adolescent,
act, action, active, actual, actors, actress, press, peace, a piece of cake, acting, actually, activate,
activity, actualization, actionable, actualization,
age, aged, aging, aging, ageless, ago, again, against, agent, agency, agenesis, agenda, agility,
agitation, aggressive, aggression, agriculture, agribusiness, aggressiveness,
agreeable, agreement, agenda, agree,
aero, aerobics, aero-plane, air,
although, altitude, altering, altogether, alteration, alternatively,
amen, ammo, amount, among, amber, amino, ambush, amuse, ambition, amnesty,
ambassador, amusement, ambiguity,
cyber, cyberspace, cybernetic, cylinder,
auto, audio, audit, author, autumn, aunt, auction, audible, aduditable, audience,
autonomy, automate, automatic, automobile, automation, audition, authority,
authorize, authorize, authorization, authentic, auditorium, August, author, authority,
page 56
apologize, apology, apostle, opportune, opportunity, opportunist, oppression, opposition,
best, better, bel, ben, bed, bet, been, bell, beta, bear, beef, bent, beam, begin, being, began,
begun, berry, bench, beach, below, before, become, became, belief, beauty, beware,
belong, beyond, behind, behalf, between, because, benefit, believe, belief, bedroom,
beloved, bedtime, becoming, behavior, beverage, beginner, beautiful, behavior,
beneficiary, benevolence, cube, robe, babe, tube, maybe,
big, bill, bite, bird, bile, birth, bingo, bitch, beker, biopsy, bicycle, biotech, biblical,
biweekly, birthday, bisexual, biography, bilingual, billboard, biological, bibliography,
bible, bibles,
can, car, cat, cap, came, call, care, card, came, case, cash, calm, cake, carrot, capital, capable,
carrier, careful, capture, cabinet, causation, cause, cable, carry, catch, cargo, can’t, career,
casual, caring, caught, camera, carbon, cancel, carpet, capital, calling, captivity, caretaker,
caregiving, caregiver, capability, capitalist, cautionary,
cell, cent, center, centre, cereal, celery, censor, certain, century, central, centerpiece, verify,
ceiling, ceremony, cellular, celebrating, celebrate, celebrity, cessation, censorship,
centralize, celebrated, centimeter,
ice, once, face, nice, rice, race, vice, cell, certificate,
acceptance, resistance, excellence, occurrence, preference, compliance, dependence,
conscience, maintenance, convenience, inheritance, intolerance,
juice, sauce, piece of cake, peace, since, place, space, voice, twice, once, peace,
office, choice, police, policy, chance, advice, prince, plance, source, notice, device, apiece,
service, produce, balance, finance, surface, defense, licence, diverse, letter, lettuce,
romance, rejoice, insurance, interface, assurance, allowance, emergence, outsource, experience,
pray, plan, praise, play, pay, practice, prove, proof,
professional, profession, professor, prof, prove, prime, price, prior, proud, prize, press,
print, private, profit, proper, pretty, prefer, prompt, provider, process, product, project,
program, produce, prevent, promote, promise, problem, present, protect, profile, premium,
proceed, printer, probably, presence, progress, preserve, precious, princess, property, priority,
prospect, president, professor, profession, professional, preparation,
corn, corner, correct, corrupt, corridor, corridor, crrelate, correction, corrective, cornerstone,
flexible, reflex, reflexology, flexibility,
reflect, reflection, reflectivity,
flu, influenza, affluence, fluorescencet,
create, creator, creation, creative, creature, creationism, creativity, creativities, creativeness,
recreate, recreation, recreated, screen, scream, acreage, increase, decrease, increasingly,
congress, congregate, congressman, congratulate,
democracy, bureaucracy, aristocracy,
cosmic, cosmos, cosmology, cosmopolitan
decay, decide, decent, decade, decode, decide, decided, decline, decency, deceive, decimal,
the decision, deciding, decisive, decorate, deception, undecided, decorator, decoration,
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racism, dismal, sexism, ageism, tourism, dismiss, baptism, optimism, feminism, organism,
idealism, humanism, dynamism, populism, activism, criticism, terrorism, socialism,
vandalism, symbolism, mysticism, mysticism, communism, modernism, capitalism,
journalism, metabolism, skepticism, liberalism, alcoholism, skepticism, nationalism,
materialism, volunteerism, spiritualism, conservatism, individualism, vegetarianism,
professionalism, ist

list, exist, exist, wrist, twice, twist, listen, sister, resist, pistol, assist, artist, insist, rapist,
history, listing, distant, persist, chemist, disturb, realist, mistake, consist, tourist,
dentist, minister, distinct, historic, moisture, register, distrust, logistic, panelist, distance,
register, registration, ministry, artistic, mistaken, novelist, holistic, motorist, assistant,
realistic, scientist, economist, distribution, registration, existence, registered, assistance,
terrorist, historian, therapist, historical, consistent, statistics, specialist, distribute,
persistent, statistical, distribution, consistency, unrealistic, distraction, psychology,
receptionist, scientist, checklist,
door, doing, don, does, down, doubt, doubtful, doubtless, donor, donate, donation, dollar,
dozen, double, dollar, dosage, dolphin, domestic, document, downtown, downfall, download,
downhill, downtime, doctorate, downstairs, documentary, documentalist,
adopt, window, freedom, wisdom, kingdom, ambassador, abandoned, hazardous, breakdown,
touchdown, tremendous,
domin, domain, domino, dominant, dominate, dominion, dominance, domination, dominantly,
domain, domine, dominos, domestic, dominant, dominion, domestically, domestication,
wisdom, abdominal, predominate, condominium,
minimum, minimal, minibus, minivan, minimize, minimizer, ministry, miniature, miniseries,
minicomputer, minimum, feminist, diminish, aluminum, determinist,
maximum, maximize maximizer maximization, climax, maximizing,
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page of words, vocabulary, dictionary, a glossary of financial golden money
money, finance, financial, economy, monetary, earning, return, income, gain, profit,
spend, spent, spending, spends, to payout, expense, expenses, expenditure, statement, deposit,
down payment, deposits, advance, refundable, deposit,
spend, spent past, expense, expense, expenditure,
the total spending for good or services, including, money, time, labor,
the operating expenses of business including the cost, rent, utilities, interior, decoration, taxes,
exclusive of labor, or materials, shipping, office, supplies, advertising, legal, consultancy, maintenance,
salary, repair, equipment, marketing, guaranties, commission, vehicle, collateral, water, power,
phone, internet, gas, travel, transportation, administration, receptionist, accountant, cleaners,
entertainment, insurance, store fixture, disbursement, money paid out for expenses for the company, etc.
liability, debt, mortgage, indebt, deficit, borrowed, obligation, owe, owing, owed,

calm, calmness, calmly, confident, confidence, confidant, confidentiality, reliable, reliability,
absolutely, secure, security, medium,
money, monies, gold, silver, jewelry, credit, payment, made, financial organization, money,
moderate, fair, average,
expanse, expanding, cost, debiting, debited, debit, debits, debit card, charge,
receipt, receive, amount, payment, owed, bill, billing,
invoice, statement, balance, equity, cash, transaction, checking account,
accounting, overdraft, chargeback, fees, free, the account receivable, stocks,
dividend, dues, owing, debit card, credit card, bank card, plastic card,
withdraw, draw, drawing, drew, drawn, draw-out, withdrawn,
work, job, business, store, income, profits, wealth, saving, investment,
participation, recording, operation, operating, business, company, corporation, stores,


razor, thin, alcohols, alcoholic, jewelry, jewelers, jewelry, jewelry’,
gray, grey, + address, cost, receipt, price, Granville, groceries, grocery, convenient, convenience, favorite, private, appreciate, grateful, gratitude, eternally grateful, gratifying, satisfy, pleasant, indebted, obliged, to make a polite request, virtue, generous, valuing, recipient, generosity, cherishing, admiration, recognition, appreciation, appreciation
marry, primary, summary, rosemary, customary, summery sun, spin turn around rotate

the solution, revolution, resolution, evolutions, evolutionary, evolutionists, revolutionize, revolutionary
elutions, dilution, diluted, pollution, Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment.


family, dates,
father, mother, brothers, sisters, child, children, girl, daughter, boy, teen, seniors, centenarians, babe, babies, Bebe
Typically “babe” is used ONLY between people who are already in a relationship (i.e., dating, married). A baby is a new born or an infant by definition defined by social acceptance. Bébé is French for baby.
grandfathers, great grandfathers, young, youth, middle-aged, wife, husband, marriage, wedding, ceremony,
a birthday party, anniversary, fiance, in-laws. nephew, uncle, aunts, Angeles, family, cousins,
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, wed nse Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December,
past, now, future, before, after, today, now, tonight, weekend, weekday, month, seasons, year, decade, century,
second, minutes, hours, millennium, yesterday, tomorrow, last day. last week, last month, last year


[unkol ] The brother of one’s mother or father.
aunt [ant ] auntie a. The sister of one’s father or mother.
ant – [ ant]social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and 
fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers

instinct [ĭn′stĭngkt′)1. An inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a 
species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli: An innate capability:
aptitude, faculty, genius, gift, head, talent, turn.
2. The power to discern the true nature of a person or situation: insight
intuitionintuitivenesspenetrationsixth sense.

in·sect (ĭn′sĕkt′) bug, insect – small air-breathing arthropod
 ants, bees and waspsbeetlesbugsbutterflies and mothsflies



1. An individually considered portion of a whole: detailelementitemparticularpoint.2. Something having material existence:itemobjectthing.


cup, prize, token, onour, memento, relic, memorial, premium, souvenir, trophy, award, reward,
reminder, monument, remembrance, memorial, mention, commemoration, credit, recognition, laurel,
degree, crown, honorable, mention, commendation, comment, care, reference, regard, respect, pay attention, admiration, citation, prase, approving, approve

virtue: the seven 7 heavenly virtues : 1+ faith 2+ hope 3+ charity 4+ fortitude 5+ justice 6+ temperance
7+ prudence, the ability to organize and discipline self by reason
Aristotle’s 12 virtue morals value
1+ courage or bravery 2+ moderation temperance 3+ liberality spending 4+ charisma magnificence 5+ generosity 6+ambition pride 7+ patients calm, temper 8+ friendliness social IQ 9+ truthfulness, honesty, candidness 10+ humor, joy, 11+ modesty, ego 12+ justice the sense of right and wrong

 gratitude: a grateful letter
Is it grateful or greatful? Grateful is the correct spelling, and greatful should be universally avoided. Greatful is a common misspelling for the word grateful.
Meaning of reputation in English. the opinion that people in general have about someone or something, or how much respect or admiration someone or something receives, based on past behavior or character: The company has a worldwide reputation for quality. … The hotel has a bad/good reputation
“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” -John Wooden.

Guard: Some common synonyms of guard are defend, protect, safeguard, and shield. While all these words mean “to keep secure from danger or against attack,” guard implies protecting with vigilance and force against expected danger.
guardian. noun. a person or organization that guards or protects something.
Safeguards include such actions and practices as securing locations and equipment; implementing technical solutions to mitigate risks; and workforce training. 
defendprotect, and safeguard mean to keep safe. defend is used for a danger or an attack that is actual or threatening. The soldiers defended the fort against enemy troops. protect is used when some kind of shield can prevent possible attack or injury
Security guards do not actually have any more legal powers than any member of the general public; they have just been employed by a business to help protect it from theft. Security guards, like any member of the public, can make a citizen’s arrest under certain conditions
is that guide is to serve as a guide for someone or something; to lead or direct in a way; to conduct in a course or path while guard is to protect from danger; to secure against surprise, attack, or injury; to keep in safety; to defend.
As determiners the difference between enough and sufficient

is that enough is sufficient; all that is required, needed, or appropriate while sufficient is the smallest amount needed.

What are in wedding vows?”
In the name of God, I, ______, take you, ______, to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.”
What are some good vows?I vow to love you as you love me, through all hardship, darkness, and pain to reach for our joys, our hopes, and always with honesty and faith. All I have in this world I give to you, I promise to hold and keep you, comfort, protect, and shelter you, for all the days of my life.
What are the best wedding vows?[Other person’s name], I love you./ You have brought such joy to my life./ Thank you for loving me as I am/ and taking me into your heart./ I promise to walk by your side forever/ and to love, help, and encourage you/ in all that you do./ I will take the time to talk to you/ to listen to you/ and to care for you.

What does vows mean in the Bible? The practice of making vows or solemn promises to God deliberately and freely to perform some good work was ancient among the Israelites.
What happens when you break a vow with God?Is it forgivable? Breaking a Vow to God is essentially lying because you have claimed to do something for God but have not done it. In the Bible, the book of Matthew 5:33–37 we see Jesus teaching about oaths and vows. And says don’t swear but let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and ‘no’ be ‘no’ .
++++ . .
Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:– I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserveprotect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Text messaging, or texting, is the act of composing and sending electronic messages, typically consisting of alphabetic and numeric characters, between two or more users of mobile devicesdesktops/laptops, or other type of compatible computer. Text messages may be sent over a cellular network, or may also be sent via an Internet connection.

The term originally referred to messages sent using the Short Message Service (SMS)


Moral Virtues

1. Courage bravery, in the face of fear

2. Tem­per­ance moderation, in the face of plea­sure and pain

3. Lib­er­al­ity spending, with wealth and pos­ses­sions

4. Mag­nif­i­cence generosity, with great wealth and pos­ses­sions

5. Mag­na­nim­ity style, charisma, with great hon­ors

6. Proper ambition pride, with nor­mal hon­ors

7. Truth­ful­ness honesty, candidness, with self-ex­pres­sion

8. Wit­ti­ness patients, in con­ver­sa­tion

9. Friend­li­ness in so­cial con­duct

10. Mod­esty ego, in the face of shame or shame­less­ness

11. Right­eous indignation justice, sense of right and wrong in the face of in­jury

What is diagnosis medical term?
The process of identifying a disease, condition, or injury from its signs and symptoms. A health history, physical exam, and tests, such as blood tests, imaging tests, and biopsies, may be used to help make a diagnosis.

What is the purpose of diagnosis?
For the purpose of diagnosing, monitoring, screening and prognosis, in vitro diagnostic tests are essential at every step. Diagnosis is the process of finding out if a patient has a specific disease. A medical professional prescribes a test to make a diagnosis or to exclude possible illness

What comes first prognosis or diagnosis?
diagnosis is an identification of a disease via examination. What follows is a prognosis, which is a prediction of the course of the disease as well as the treatment and results. A helpful trick is that a diagnosis comes before a prognosis, and diagnosis is before prognosis alphabetically.

What does it mean to have a fair prognosis?
Nonetheless, it occurs to me that it is a matter of definitionwhat do we mean by “prognosis?” For most of us, it means the likelihood of healing, rebuilding, or cure. A bad prognosis means there is little chance for recovery. Someone with a good or excellent prognosis is probably going to get better.

What are the levels of prognosis?
prognosis may be described as excellent, good, fair, poor, or even hopeless. Prognosis for a disease or condition is largely dependent on the risk factors and indicators that are present in the patient.

How do doctors know how long you have left to live?
There are numerous measures – such as medical tests, physical exams and the patient’s history – that can also be used to produce a statistical likelihood of surviving a specific length of time. Yet even these calculations “are not any more accurate than the physicians‘ predictions of survival.” she says. Dr
Prognosis (Greek: πρόγνωσις “fore-knowing, foreseeing”) is a medical term for predicting the likely or expected development of a disease, including whether the signs and symptoms will improve or worsen (and how quickly) or remain stable over time; expectations of quality of life, such as the ability to carry out daily activities; the potential for complications and associated health issues; and the likelihood of survival (including life expectancy). A prognosis is made on the basis of the normal course of the diagnosed disease, the individual’s physical and mental condition, the available treatments, and additional factors. A complete prognosis includes the expected duration, function, and description of the course of the disease, such as progressive decline, intermittent crisis, or sudden, unpredictable crisis


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